executive alerts

Executive Alerts

Introducing a tool specifically designed for executives and decision makers.

With Meltwater Executive Alerts you’ll receive only the most critical business insights about your company, competitors or industry, enabling you to make proactive decisions.Executive Alerts recognises the challenge professionals face trying to make sense of large amounts of data during their busy day. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we scan millions of digital data sources in no time, so you don’t have to.

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Executive Alerts

Executive Alerts

Follow developments

Get instant notifications when potential opportunities and threats arise for your brand, industry of competitors. Receive only the most important insights such as new influencers, competitor behaviour, talent hiring patterns or important social media trends. Understand possibilities and contexts in just a few clicks.

Real time alerts

Be the first to know if a competitor hires new talent and spot fluctuations in investment strategy. Meltwater Executive Alerts acts as an assistant in your pocket, sending you push notifications on your email, SMS or through Slack. Tell us suits you best?

Important insights customised to your needs

Discover irregularities in your competitors’ ad spend and be at the forefront of their digital strategy. Get notified when your competitors have begun to bid on new keywords and ads.
No need to login to a platform – receive smart insights directly to your App

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“With Executive Alerts, we’re able to keep our finger on the pulse of the actual conversation and really evaluate the overall sentiment before a situation turns into the next big news headline. We can take action as needed and pull key content into a one-pager to keep our executive team and leadership informed.”

Nikki Sunstrum
Director of Social Media, University of Michigan