Meltwater Customized Manual Reports

Make sense of a sea of data, quickly.

Meltwater Customized Manual Reports are built from years of experience working with global brands around the world. Our premium reports add objective qualitative analysis, so you can sleep well knowing that you're well advised before making strategic decisions. Meltwater qualitative reports are used by Executives to align on key business drivers, uncover trends, benchmark against competitors, understand strategic insights like new market entry, measure business impact and ultimately streamline their reporting efforts without any heavy lifting!

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Identify Threats & Opportunities

Meltwater Manual Reports help C-Level executives obtain an unprecedented global perspective of developing threats and opportunities impacting their company. We do this by tracking, analysing and making sense of billions of online news and social media conversations, job postings, financial filings, patent filings, product reviews etc. Our team of experienced analysts blend quantitative media monitoring data with qualitative analysis. The result? A custom report that adds context, helping your business stay agile in highly competitive markets.

Transform your business with custom measurement and reporting.

Receive a comprehensive health check of your brand, product portfolio, industry, and competitive position. Understand the context of business critical media insights with Meltwater Bespoke Reports.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Meltwater helps you gain a 360-view of your business and eliminates blind spots by tracking the largest content database in the industry. Through smart AI crawling, our media intelligence solution sifts through more than 275,000 global online news sources, comments, review sites, forums, message boards and over 300 million blogs in the blink of an eye. We ensure no stone is left unturned so you always know exactly where you stand.

Gain Contextual Insights

Meltwater analysts enrich manual reports with quantitative and qualitative analysis so you have instant access to the 'what, why and where' of emerging themes impacting your organisation. Whether you want to harness your consumer voice to inform product development, understand trends to make sure your brand stays relevant or keep tabs of your competitor's movements so you stay agile – our reports are custom built to ensure we have you covered on all levels.

Optimise your Strategy

We're here to help you stay connected to your industry and audience in the moments that matter most. With Meltwater Customized qualitative and quantitative reports, you can be sure that you have comprehensive coverage and insights on the most important external forces impacting your business. Build upon your capabilities and competitive advantages by incorporating insights surfaced when optimising internal strategies, across teams, countries and expertise.

Save Time & Resources

Creating business critical reports take time, patience and a never-ending supply of spreadsheets/ pivot tables. But it doesn’t have to be so painful if you let us help you. Meltwater creates stunning branded reports backed by data science, helping to relieve the pressure from you, so you can have board level reports without lifting a finger.

Manage the Flow of Outside Information

We understand that in large organisations it’s important to centralize the collection and distribution of outside data. Comparing apples with apples is impossible when data is coming in from different vendor streams. Meltwater acts as the single global media monitoring partner for many organisations, helping to ensure all employees are working from a single source of truth and can compare and benchmark data against one another and over time periods.

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