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The Meltwater API

Through smart AI crawling we ingest millions of news articles and social media entries every hour of every day.

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With the largest global news source base and as a full enterprise partner of Twitter we enable any analysis to be built on top of the most complete data set possible. We surface the insights through our applications (both mobile and web), reports, alerts and enable you to integrate it with your internal systems through our APIs. Work with integration with BI tools such as Domo, Tickr, Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI.


No business is unaffected by what’s going on in the outside world

Build your own Outside Insights solution

Business Intelligence

Enables decision makers to get a 360-degree view without having to leave internal systems.

Automated reporting

Automate export of comprehensive data and prove ROI through existing or dashboards you build.

Absolute support

The Meltwater API team will be there every step of the way to assist with any questions, feedback, or requests.

News API

Having all the media data you need in a single location, right within your own systems’ workflows, is vitally important. The Meltwater API makes the flow of information smooth and simple. Create the exact search criteria, leverage our more robust metadata, and immediately receive real-time streams of the most relevant content through your integrated applications.

Social API

Our Social Enterprise Solution will help you analyze your social media footprint in order maximize your marketing strategy with comprehensive repoting and Insights. Explore either our Search & Listen API or our Social Analyze API to gain cross-functional awareness and visualize the performance of your social media campaigns.

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