Because you should only spend time reviewing what matters.

Our in-house team of analysts manually review and carefully handpick the most important editorial articles and social media conversations that warrant distribution to different sets of stakeholders in your organisation. We understand time is an important resource, so we help you streamline your communication efforts without any heavy lifting. Keep stakeholders updated on company and industry news with customised media email briefings.

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Identify Threats & Opportunities

There’s no shortage of coverage on your brand, competitors, and industry. But the process of finding and sharing business-critical media wastes your internal time and resources. Selecting the most important articles should not be difficult or require a laborious approval process each day. Our Professional Services team will take a scope of work, establish criteria and deliverables, and work as an extension of your department to ensure that we curate and send daily email alerts that contain insights that matter the most to your organisation.

Business-critical media insights.

Executives use our curated briefings to align on key business drivers, uncover trends, keep tabs on the competition and stay informed without reading every article.

Eliminate Blind Spots

Meltwater eliminates blind spots by tracking the largest content database in the industry. Through smart AI crawling, our media intelligence solution sifts through more than 275,000 global online news sources, comments, review sites, forums, job postings, financial filings, patent filings, product reviews, plus over 300 million blogs. Our analysts then cherry pick the most crucial content for you, ensuring no stone is left unturned so you always know where exactly where you stand.

Gain Contextual Insights

Meltwater analysts enrich curated briefings, transforming them into insights that are quick to read and easy to understand. We include publication headline, date, content link, and an executive summary which highlights key takeaways. That way, you can stay informed and gain a 360-view of your business - without reading every article.

Personalised Solution

Our curated briefings are highly customisable. Choose your desired delivery times and frequency. Tell us the specific topic categories that are relevant to different recipient groups such as sales, product reviews, negative news, mergers and acquisitions. We'll send only the most important information over in branded templates whilst offering agility and flexibility to adjust scope as priorities change.

Optimise Strategies

We're here to help you and your stakeholders stay connected to your company, industry and audience in the moments that matter most. With Meltwater Analyst Curated Briefings, you can sleep well knowing that you have comprehensive insights on the most important external forces impacting your business and that they have been shared with the people who need to know. Build upon your capabilities and competitive advantages by incorporating insights surfaced when optimising internal strategies, across teams, countries and expertise.

Dedicated Media Analyst

The combination of smart AI-driven technology with human analysis ensures briefings are relevant, accurate, concise and targeted - so you can say goodbye to information overload! Analysts help eliminate irrelevant mentions by manually reviewing all content and selecting important business insights based on your brief. We make sure that the dedicated Meltwater analyst we assign to your company understands your industry and competitive landscape so they can proactively monitor innovation trends, market disruptions and new competitive threats and alert you to the conversations you need to be aware of.

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