Graviz Telescope is an AI platform developed by the company Graviz Labs. The platform uses smart algorithms to analyse the market's perceptions of brands and then gives investment recommendations based on insights. To do this, Graviz Telescope leverages historical and real-time data provided by Meltwater, made possible through our open API solution.

Meltwater - one of the most important data sources in the Graviz Telescope

Real-time data

As a previous customer of Meltwater, Graviz CEO Rodrigo Graviz has a full understanding of our product's scope. When Rodrigo realised he needed external data for Graviz Telescope, Meltwater's Enterprise API solution was an easy choice.

In order to gain a complete 360 view of their audience, Graviz Labs also blends other data sources into their tool, such as panel data and search engine data. They perceive Meltwater's data to be critical in this process due to the range of sources we track and how we structure disparate external media data. How Meltwater structures data makes it a lot easier for the Graviz Telescope platform to compile and integrate insights.

In a digital world where reputation can be made or slayed in one tweet, keeping your finger on the pulse of the media in real time is paramount. The fact that Meltwater's open API provides the tool with real-time data is also a key advantage favoured by Graviz, as insights are visible in the Telescope almost immediately.

”Thanks to Meltwater, we can quickly integrate data from online news and social media sources straight into our product, Graviz Telescope. By doing so, our customers can access real-time insights from Meltwater and many other data sources in one place, so they can get a clear picture of their brand perception.”

What is Meltwater's open API?

Access media data within your internal systems

Meltwater's open API is developed so you can use our data in other systems.

At Meltwater we believe that data shouldn’t exist in a vacuum but noticed this was the case for a number of large enterprises. To solve this challenge, we developed an open API that enables our customers to integrate data from their own applications or third-party business systems with online news articles and social conversations. This helps uncover insights that benefit all sides of your company. What's more, data can be gathered and accessed by all departments in one centralised location, helping to break down siloed working.

Meltwater's open API makes it possible to build custom dashboards and reports in your current business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI. By doing so, companies can analyse and connect the dots between different data flows and create a unified reporting flow.

”Everyone is talking about how data is the new gold. Meltwater provides us with data that our customers demand and that is clearly valuable to us", Rodrigo Graviz, CEO at Graviz Labs.

The Results

Meltwater helps Graviz Labs with:


Gaining real time access to data


Categorising data to find insights


Understanding social media conversations


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    Import Meltwater data into other solutions

    Meltwater's API solution allows Graviz Labs to import external media data directly into their own applications and platforms. By blending different data types, Graviz Labs is able to confidently present how a brand is perceived and help their customers make data-driven strategic decisions.

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    Eliminate blind spots

    Meltwater eliminates blind spots by tracking the largest content database in the industry. Through smart AI crawling, our media intelligence tool sifts through more than 275,000 global online news sources, comments, review sites, forums, message boards and over 300 million blogs in the blink of an eye.

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    Real-time insighs

    The Meltwater API provides real-time access to data. This means that Graviz Labs's customers can understand where they currently stand without having to wait.

Meltwater API

Sometimes off-the-shelf products just won’t cut it, but building a media intelligence tool takes a lot of resources – so save your resources and make Meltwater data your own via an API! Whether you want to see raw volume or specifics, the choice is yours. You have ultimate control over how, where, and when you receive media analytics. Just loop us in and get access to the largest source base of online news and social media content in the industry, associated metadata and historical archives.

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