Diligentia Group
Diligentia, one of Sweden’s largest real estate companies, uses Meltwater competitive intelligence solutions to keep an edge in the fast moving real estate industry. By closely monitoring online news, Diligentia is able to stay on top of the market and understand how requirements for office space might change over time. The company is responsible for more than 140 properties, which collectively are worth over 27 billion Swedish Krona (SEK), requiring the Diligentia team to be informed and proactive in real-time.

A subsidiary of Skandia Insurance Company, Diligentia focuses on three distinct business areas: office space, retail and commercial properties, and residential buildings. In order to maintain a competitive advantage, specialist knowledge of niche markets and geographical locations is key to the business. The company prides itself in sector specific knowledge held by its 150 employees. The Diligentia team receives a tailored e-mail report every morning detailing news articles relevant to their business.

About Diligentia

Diligentia is one of Sweden’s largest real estate companies involved in the development, management and leasing of properties situated in and around Sweden’s main growth regions: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.