Media, marketing and tech in the UK is woven into a complex and demanding industry, which calls for constant innovation and passion. While media stalwarts steer the ship, the course is set by many hands making light work of fostering innovation, driving new ideas and executing on exciting new strategies and creative concepts – that either get the world talking or change it for the better. 

At the heart of innovation are the digital up-and-comers who show drive and dedication every day, making them exceptional players and crucial momentum-makers in the marketing and PR space. 

As a media intelligence agent, we connect with some of the world’s finest, particularly in the United Kingdom, where there is no shortage of passionate youth helping to shape the mould today for the work we do tomorrow. And, in the spirit of recognition, development and innovation – we’ve asked you to help us recognise some of the candidates who put their heart and soul into what they do. 

Meet 2019’s Digital Up-and-Comers on the watchlist for 2020

Being exceptional isn’t always about the pageantry or acclaim. What it IS about is a combination of commitment, talent and hard work that makes these exciting candidates stand out. Meet some of the UK’s finest this year and ones to watch in 2020:

Chris Hinchly has been working for Pinnacle Internet Marketing now for almost 3 years and quickly progressed from Digital Marketing Assistant to SEO Technician and finally, Head of SEO and Business Development Manager.

“Soon after I arrived at Pinnacle I realised that SEO was very expensive at an unrealistic cost for small local businesses. I then decided I would learn the ins and outs of Google and its algorithm so that I could provide a high-quality SEO service with incredible ROI, all on a rolling monthly contract (no minimum term),” says Chris.

 This had a significant impact at Pinnacle’s client numbers and revenue increased steadily over the course of the next 2 years – helping Chris get noticed on the local, digital scene. So, where to from here?

Chris is committed to becoming the go-to SEO expert within Wales, in-between listening to American Hip Hop and singing Gnarls Barkley songs in the shower.

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Founder of Wholehearted Social, content creator and award-winning Blogger behind Kumbear XO. Kumba has featured on live television, worked on campaigns for global brands and is currently the face of the latest Garnier commercial.

With her business, Wholehearted Social, she aims to give brands the online visibility they require so that they can have their voice heard above the noise and make a real impact. 

“I love giving brands a social face lift, which attracts a waiting list of ideal clients and customers. My proven digital marketing strategies have helped many businesses to effectively get in front of the right customers – to significantly grow their bottom line.”

Find out more about Wholehearted Social.

Sara Tomaszewska is the Director of Little Media Agency, a social media agency in Birmingham that specialises in creating personalised campaigns, advertising and training. For much of her marketing career, she has concentrated on social media marketing and has built a successful business from scratch without any support, or funding.

 So far, she has helped many SMEs boost their awareness and sales. “My main goal is to grow this business and the team, while enjoying the journey and all the challenges that come with it,” says Sara.

When she’s not saving brands’ social media, you’ll find her travelling, learning new languages and discovering new salsa moves.
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Frankie joined GOAT 4 years ago, as the first employee, where he has progressed to Global Director of Campaigns leading a team of 50 in 3 locations. Since joining GOAT, the company has grown from 3 to over 120 staff in 4 years, with offices in London, New York and Singapore.

Frankie has worked with a number of tier-1 brands including Malibu, Uber, Nivea, Football Manager and more. Over the past 4 years, Frankie has been committed to advancing and building the credibility of the influencer marketing industry, and spoken at events such as Social Media Week London 2019 and the Influencer Marketing Show 2019 where he has taken a proactive approach to educate brands on the influencer space. 

“Frankie’s passion, enthusiasm and skills make him a respected leader in the industry. He has taken a proactive approach to educate brands and build the credibility of the influencer marketing industry” – Harry Hugo, Co-founder and Chief Campaigns Officer at The GOAT Agency.

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Laura has only been in the industry for 4 years and is already responsible for researching, conceptualising and designing print and digital assets for major brands. She started the new year with a new job at an agency in London – Prodigious – as their new Designer, and can’t wait to get stuck in and face new challenges.

“I’m an advocate for NABS in which I regularly attend industry events and am currently enrolled in the Bloom Mentoring Programme for women” says Laura. “My ambition is to see more females working within senior creative positions and hope to be a part of the change”.

Outside of the office, she is usually at the gym training for her next running event or brunching with friends. Laura stood out because of her creative skills, her enthusiasm and her professionalism” – Stuart Fuller, Design Director at Prodigious. Find out more about Laura.

Harry is a Senior Marketer and Digital Media Lead at Luno, one of the world’s fastest-growing fintech crypto firms, with operations spanning Europe, Africa and SEA. He is a key member in one of the industry’s first world-class marketing functions.

As a team lead, he has contributed significantly to a highly-successful digital strategy that has enabled the company’s customer base to grow to more than 3 million. He has run multiple events, built and executed a strategy for video marketing, and driven growth hacks across social media. He has a passion for disruption and, being based in the heart of the fintech revolution in London, is well placed to drive growth and understand new trends. Harry is a graduate of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, which aims to transform UK businesses by developing the entrepreneurial leaders of the future. 

Fun fact: As an events entrepreneur before Luno, he took the Thick As Thieves/Hijacked Festival from 100 to 5000 attendees with 50 sold-out shows, in Exeter, London, Croatia and the Isle of Wight, PLUS, Richard Branson once called his work “marketing brilliance”.

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Aleksandra Matwiejczyk (21) is a Marketing Manager at KOTA, a creative agency based in Clerkenwell, London. After graduating from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at her hometown in Poland, Alex moved to London to pursue