Do you know how to win back your customers after a bad experience?

Today, your business can’t brush a bad customer experience under the rug. You might choose to ignore it, but the customers won’t! They’ll post it on Facebook, Twitter and even write a blog about it. And unfortunately, we can’t stop people writing negative reviews.

But there’s always a silver lining – A resolved negative tweet leads to 3x more revenue potential than a positive tweet. (Applied Marketing Science and Twitter Study) To do so, you need to be proactive in understanding what customers are saying about your brand.

The right media monitoring will give you relevant insights into how customers feel about your brand. Keep an eye out on brand mentions which feature negative keywords, or check the sentiment of your brand to identify customers who have gone through a bad experience.

Use creative strategies to retain these people and increase your probability of higher conversions, and at the same time safeguard the integrity of your business.

So how do we win back your customers?

Win Back Your Customers by Encourage Feedback

Asking questions is one of the best ways to start a conversation. Why was the customer unhappy with your service? Find out what’s gone wrong beforehand so that you are in a better position to ask relevant questions.

People are much more willing to discuss a negative experience than a positive one. In fact, studies suggest we will tell 8-10 people if we have a bad experience, in comparison to only 2-3 people if we have a good experience. Therefore, dissatisfied customers are likely to give you all the information you require.

Simply allowing a customer the chance to express themselves might contribute to winning them back.

One word of advice, try to take your questions out of the public eye. If someone is complaining on Twitter, discuss it with them via direct message. After all, you don’t want to air your dirty laundry to competitors!

Top Tip: Find more negative talk surrounding your brand by using a media monitoring tool. Discover trending themes with negative sentiment as well as measure overall sentiment surrounding your brand. If you notice a spike in negative sentiment, chances are something is wrong.

Win Back Your Customers by Improving

Media monitoring helps you gain quality feedback.  These genuine opinions help improve the business foundations by identifying and addressing elements that are affecting customer experience.

Making continuous improvements to poorly performing parts of your business is one of the best ways of dealing with angry customers. Use media monitoring to keep on top of brand mentions, this way you can discover pain points of customers and where your business can be improved. It’s good practice to communicate these changes to your customers so they know you take their feedback seriously.

Don’t over apologise

To apologise for a mistake is good, but overdoing it might be counterproductive. You don’t want to keep reminding customers about the mistake made.

Win Back Your Customers by Creating a Campaign

If you’ve experienced a surge of negativity, it’s wise to try and rebuild value for your customers. A good way to do this is with a marketing campaign surrounding the changes you have made. Storytelling is a really powerful way to grow engagement.

Show that you’ve gone the extra mile to please your customers.

A bit of a throwback example for you here – back in 2009 Domino’s Pizza used this principle to address the pain points of their customers. They received a lot of negative coverage after customers complained about the quality and taste of their pizzas.

After monitoring social media, they decided to work with their customers and staff in creating a better experience. This was conceptualised into a campaign called as The pizza turnaround.

Win Back Your Customers

Today the Dominos brand is many people’s number one choice of Pizza takeaway, which teaches us that unhappy customers doesn’t have to mean the end of your brand.

Winning back a customer is not impossible, all you need is determination and a proactive approach. ‘No customer left behind’ should be the mantra of your retention strategy.

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