Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

With Valentine’s day a month away, whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a tad more cynical, you should take advantage of it. Incorporating Valentine’s Day into your marketing calendar can serve as a great opportunity to create exciting online campaigns, get creative with deals and discounts, as well as gain new customers (and perhaps reinvigorate old ones).

So here are some Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for you!

1. Email Marketing

So our first Valentine’s Day marketing idea is email marketing. Contrary to the rumours that it’s out-dated, email marketing still results in conversions. 2017 is the year of experimentation, but we shouldn’t forget our tried and true methods of lead generation. With employees spending 13 of their working hours each week in their email inbox, and email marketing being 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter, it should still be an element of your digital marketing strategy.

But you have to get a few things right:

Subject line

In between the social media notifications, subscription updates, newsletters and invitations, the email inbox can become a cluttered place. A superior subject line is of the utmost importance, so always A/B test. Superbalist jumps straight to the point with “Up to 80% off SALE <3”, letting the customer know that they are in for a major Valentine’s Day deal. Telling customers about a sale in the subject line is a great eye-catcher, so if you’re discounting then spotlight it.

Valentine’s Day Marketing


Once the customer has been drawn in by the attractive subject line, the next step is to get them onto your website or converting. Uber manages this well with a list of amazing Valentine’s-themed prizes customers can win just by entering the Promo Code on their next ride with Uber. This year’s Valentine’s Day campaign is called “Ride for a Share of Love” and treats that can be won range from roses, Pandoras and spa days to UberEATS discounts. The email’s success lies in its neat presentation, clear relevance and strong CTA button, “Show me the love”.

Call to Action buttons that are short, creative and relevant have a significantly higher chance of being clicked. Also, never underestimate the power of colour – green means go. And it’s next to its complimentary colour, red, on a clean, white background. Keep your layout tidy, your text explaining the idea clearly, your brand name visible, and your colours co-ordinated.

Valentine’s Day Marketing

2. Social Media Campaigns

When it comes to social media, we recommend sticking to the 80-20 visual-text ratio. Visuals are easier to digest, especially on social media. Use images to attract customers immediately, add a few lines of copy, or an effective caption to give them context, and make sure it’s either funny or informative. Research shows that the content that is most shared on social media includes either humour or statistics.

Facebook is the choice of platform for many brands because posts can be easily shared and spread by followers, but Instagram can be utilised due its focus on images, and Twitter for short, quirky comments. Even if your brand has nothing to do with flowers, chocolates or jewellery, there’s always a fun way to engage customers using Valentine’s Day marketing ideas.

Do try this at home

  • Use the simple hashtag #TagYourValentine with an image, gif or short video. This means your followers who participate are bringing in new faces, ultimately extending your reach and hopefully gaining your brand new followers.
  • “If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.” Ask your followers anything from “How are you spending this Valentine’s Day?” to “How did you two meet?” to spark conversation and draw in countless comments. Polls are becoming increasingly popular on Twitter and are a great way to increase engagement and quickly find out what your followers are thinking.
  • Try “Like if you agree, comment if you disagree” as a caption to a photo about spoiling a loved one on Valentine’s Day. Facebook’s new algorithms show people at the top of their timelines when their closest friends comment on or like something.
  • The right meme has the potential to spread like wildfire when shared online. Below any humorous meme is a stream of comments of names – friends tagging friends. If it’s brand-appropriate, reposting a meme or creating an original one can draw major traffic to your platform.

3. Competitions and deals

Successful competitions can generate thousands of entries and site visitors, as well as boost conversion rates and produce lasting followers. If you can’t think of how to relate your brand to something Valentines-themed, try collaborating with a local business that does.

We suggest using an effective headline such as “Win a Romantic Dinner and Night’s Stay for 2 This Valentine’s Day” and then specify the restaurant, hotel, how to enter and closing date. A good idea for Instagram competitions would be to make it a requirement to follow your brand (Facebook recently blocked “like-gating”) and to comment and tag someone on the post, or to follow a link to your website. The easier the process, the more entrants and site visitors.

So three Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to get you started. Love it or hate it, it would only be to your advantage to use it, so why not drive traffic and gain new customers this Valentine’s Day. “But how do I know if the campaign is a success,” you might ask? Well, that’s what Meltwater’s social media monitoring tools are here for.


This blog was originally published February 2017 on the Meltwater South Africa Blog.