The digital space is a noisy one and to stand out companies must increasingly think creatively. One way you can differentiate yourself from competitors is by using a social media monitoring tool to dig for social data and use the insights to optimise your communication strategy. Businesses that make data-driven decisions have a better chance of staying relevant, timely and competitive.

Social data isn’t scary and you don’t have to be an analyst to draw insights. There are a ton of tools out there which can present social data in a simple and easy to understand format! Like the live dashboards in the image below. For the purpose of this blog, we’re focusing on how to uncover social insights using a social media monitoring tool.

Using social data for content idea generation

When it comes to content, there’s no one size fits all approach. You could be here all year trying to find your audience’s sweet spot. And by the time you do, it’s likely to have changed! Trial and error can be costly. Thankfully the use of a social media monitoring tool removes the need to follow an inefficient approach.

Social media monitoring tools can help you make sense of content themes that are resonating. This is achieved by analysing conversations and filtering the social data by the sentiment metric.


The use of a word cloud can also give you insight into the messages and trends associated with your brand. Use this social data to replicate or avoid themes loved or loathed by your community. This can help you optimise your social media content strategy based on what our audience wants to hear and not what we want to data trending word cloud

Top tip: Don’t forget to use a social media monitoring tool to also take a look at key themes trending around your competitors. Their weaknesses could become yours, same goes for their strengths!

Post when your audience is active

Similarly to content themes, the best day/ time of day to post content depends on your specific audience and the social channel they’re active on. You can use a social media monitoring tool to take note and report on social data such as media exposure, sentiment, geographic spread and reach. Alternatively, you can use an engagement tool with a ‘viral post’ feature. This feature figures out the best time to post based on social data from your community rather than an industry standard. This is a great feature for those wanting to maximise engagement!

Making use of brand advocates

Trying to increase engagement can be a struggle for many companies. It’s baffling that so many forget to use their most engaged community members to influence others to have conversations too! Brand advocates and employees should be your first point of contact when it comes to optimising your communication strategy. Don’t be afraid to share campaigns and content with them and ask them to do the same amongst their community.

Having brand advocates promote your content is the easy part; it’s finding them amongst the social noise that can be a hassle. Any good media monitoring tool (including Meltwaters!) will offer a ‘top followers’ metric which is perfect for discovering brand lovers. Find out more about how you can build an employee brand ambassador strategy to help endorse and optimise your content further in our previous blog post!

Want to learn more about how you can use social data more creatively? Get in touch with us below, we’d be happy to share how others in your industry are using it!