Twitter chats. What are they?

Twitter chats are cyber debates around specific themes following designated hashtags. They’re a community of professionals shedding light on topics in a Q&A format. Twitter chats are an opportunity that isn’t utilised enough by companies.

Hosting a Twitter chat offers a number of benefits to the host, but also a wide range of advantages for the participants too!

What can participating in Twitter chats do for your brand?

Improve credibility

Twitter chats provide you with a route to share tips and tricks around a well-defined theme. By participating, you have the opportunity to position yourselves as industry experts and thought leaders. If participants perceive your brand to be knowledgeable, they’re most likely to recall your brand when thinking of your industry/ product category. This also helps to drive trustworthiness and credibility.

Increase brand visibility and marketing ROI

Twitter chats are the perfect tool to expand and engage your community. By participating in Twitter chats, you will inevitably be followed, retweeted or favourited! Due to the specific nature of chats/ their weekly themes, it’s easy for brands to increase their social media following with very target individuals.

An increase in followers isn’t the only metric to measure whether you’ve seen marketing ROI from participation in Twitter chats. Social media monitoring tools, such as Meltwater’s Media Intelligence platform, offer insight into how many people have seen your brand (via the brand impression) and post click-throughs to measure website traffic.

Let your hair down a little, they’re fun!

Even if it’s a part of your workday, Twitter chats are always fun! Most participants are laid-back and open to debate and banter, this is the time to create new ties with a large number of people and make friends with industry influencers.

What not to do in Twitter chats:

·         Be silent! It’s a chat guys. Join in and talk! Sure you have great ideas and opinions, but what good is that if you don’t share them? Sharing is caring.

·         Respect others thoughts. Twitter chats are a debate, so be prepared for disagreements. Disagreements don’t necessarily mean that somebody is in the right or wrong, so let others express themselves. Remember why you’re participating in the chat: to have fun, learn and meet new people – not to argue

·         Follow the rules of the chat. Twitter chats usually have landing pages detailing the rules/ the chat log of previous events. Take a look before joining.