Social media generates enormous amounts of consumer data and those with a media monitoring tool can easily tap into it. Trouble is, the amount of data can become overwhelming if we don’t remove irrelevant noise.

We can swiftly use social media monitoring data to make actionable insights – if we know how. Forrester’s four P’s of Social Intelligence framework is a great starting point as it helps marketers harness conversations by focusing their attention on purpose, people, platform, and process.

Most social media monitoring strategies fall short because they apply the wrong set of skills to the job, lack clearly defined business goals, and fail to define standardised methodologies. Social intelligence requires people to run a project; a business purpose; the right social media monitoring tool; and a formalised process for managing, analysing, and sharing data.

Start small with Forrester’s four P’s framework, but prepare to apply insight to different business purposes, expand the number of people involved, understand the full capabilities of the social media monitoring and refine the social intelligence process.

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