What time is it best to publish on Instagram?

Instagram has over 600 million users globally and the app isn’t one you download and never use, like most apps these days. Quite the opposite in fact. 95 million photos and videos are published on ‘the ‘gram’ every day. With this insight, it’s easy to understand how posts can easily disappear in the vast amount of noise within the platform.

“Several factors affect how our message is received – and seen for that matter. One of these factors is timing.”

Here we review how a company can create engagement by considering the best time to Publish on Instagram.

To publish on Instagram in the morning?

Mavrck conducted a study of 1.3 million posts with the purpose of determining which time it is best to publish on Instagram. The study revealed that fewer images are published between 12 am – 6 am. Competition is, therefore, the lowest during this period. So if you want more eyes on content, you have a higher chance of gaining attention if you publish on Instagram in the early hours of the morning.

Instagram algorithms

Just after Mavrck’s study was released, Instagram introduced a new algorithm. This algorithm states that the images in the user’s Instagram feed don’t necessarily appear in order of time. According to Lifewire, there are a number of factors that are taken into account before we publish on Instagram.

• Demographics: Identifying a target audience and when they are most active on Instagram. Users who work from 9 to 5 probably have a different user pattern than, for example, students. Consider the demographics of your target audience before you publish on Instagram.

• Time Zone: Don’t forget about the geographical spread of our audience and the time zones they’re in before you publish on Instagram. For example, is the company located in the UK but has a big fan base in the US?

• Behavioural Patterns: Regardless of the guidelines that exist, there’s one thing that ultimately matters when you publish on Instagram… User behavioural patterns have a huge impact on whether our content is shown. Analyse what time their engagement peaks to optimise their Insta strategy.

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Insta Insights

The “Instagram Insights” feature is full of useful info. Gain a better understanding of when your audience is most active and use this data to decide the best time to publish on Instagram. This feature also showcases how many times an image has been shown,  engagement and how often followers are active on Instagram. Professionals can be confident that posts will get the most attention and make decisions about what time they should publish on Instagram thanks to this feature!

We analysed Meltwater Sweden’s Instagram to view insights. The first illustration shows where in the application you can find Instagram Insights. From the lists you can see that the largest audience’s age group is 25-34 years, followers are most active on Fridays and that the majority of our followers are active in Stockhom / Oslo.

Numbers and analytics tell an interesting story. Use such data to craft strategies with engagement, as well as the best time to publish on Instagram in mind

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