The Best Marketing eBooks to Read in 2019

The Best Marketing eBooks to Read in 2019

Wesley Mathew
15 August 2019

There’s no disputing the fact that reading can make you a better leader in business and more equipped to tackle the challenges of everyday life. Something as simple as reading at night can be a great form of escape that allows your mind to settle down, and can even help you sleep better.

According to sleep advisor, reading anything before bed can stimulate your creativity, boost your brain power and reduce stress. Believe it or not, this is even the case for professional and motivational books that interest you. There is a direct correlation between developing analytical skills and people who read frequently, which shows us just how valuable this pass-time can be to our development.

Read, read, read…

Beyond the health benefits of reading, lies a world of learning and advancement. William Faulkner put it best when he said “read, read, read”. This is especially true for the avid entrepreneur, trying to succeed under stressful conditions or ambitious digital professionals who want to make better sense of the changing technological world. So, what’s stopping you? Is it time? Access to good books?

It’s easy to get started

If you fall into any of these categories, or you are simply a human with the need to thrive, you can find a wealth of literature online – and it doesn’t have to cost you a cent. In fact, some of the most useful ebooks you’ll read are available for free and, at most, will require you to enter some basic information to access a world of tips, tricks and thought-provoking content from some very brilliant minds.

Set yourself apart by making reading and self-advancement a priority in your life with these ebooks (below) and, of course, we’ll give you a free one at the end, as promised. Let’s dig in!

For marketers who want to master the art of ethical persuasion

PRE-SUASION: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade by Robert Cialdini, 2016

Influence plays a significant part in our role as marketers therefore, persuasion is a key skill to master. In Cialdini’s second installment on the subject, he touches on attention and significance, looking at causality and he even offering deep insights within identity, environment and the shared behaviour of humans.

It should be a staple on every marketers bookshelf as we head into a time where mastering the art of persuasion is more complex than ever.

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For the marketer who wants to ditch the traditional & explore the unknown

Unleashing the Ideavirus – Seth Godin

In one of Godin’s most popular books, he speaks to somewhat of a revolutionary theory – introducing the notion of an “ideavirus”. This refers to the ways in which information spreads between customers instead of filtering down from businesses. In this book, he presents this as the most effective means of making an impact.

While the theory itself isn’t too complex, it’s a truly thought-provoking read, when he starts to cross-reference it against some of the most iconic brands of our time.

At the very least, it will force you to think critically about how the marketing world is changing, and all the opportunities available to us if we’re open to thinking differently.

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For the social media manager who wants to fully immerse themselves

Social Media, The Academic Library Perspective, by Nina Verishagen

Don’t be fooled by the title. This phenomenal ebook is not as inaccessible as it seems. In fact, it’s an avid sociophile’s dream. Not only will you have the opportunity to view a variety of case studies in your field, you will also get key insights into successes and failures. Each of these is presented to you candidly – offering you more valuable insight into the industry and the strategy behind it, than most articles you’ll find online.  

Make sure you’re fully equipped to form educated campaigns from strategic groundwork, laid out for you by learning from the past.

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For the weary PR professional who wants to thrive

The Burned-Out Bloggers Guide to PR by Jason Kincaid

This is a great read. Beyond critically evaluating the news media and exploring the misguided notions we have about the press – he tackles every elephant in the room with wit and relatability.

You’ll leave the experience feeling validated for all those times you started to critically evaluate the PR environment. And, you’ll learn how to build relationships, break through to your target communities and thrive in the PR space.

Get it here or here (Kindle, paperback or from the source)

For the social media marketer who needs blueprints and guidance

Social Media Monitoring – Simple Steps to Win, Insights and Opportunities for Maxing Out Success by Gerard Blokdijk

Perhaps the best thing about this ebook is the value it offers in terms of strategic assets. You’ll leave with fresh roadmaps and templates to help you set out on a more refined marketing journey.

The toolkit sets it apart from other ebooks like it but there are still valuable lessons to be learned about collating data, managing change and gaining greater insight into the intricacies of trend analysis.

For the beginner, it will start you off thinking in the right way. For the more advanced social media manager, it will offer you useful assets and challenge your current methodologies.

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For the content marketer who wants to level up

Meltwater: Killer Content Marketing

Not to blow on our own horn or anything but at Meltwater, we are very data-driven. We appreciate the technical intricacies and insights that help inform better creative campaigns. We’ve put a lot of research, love and effort into formulating a helpful guide that will show you how social can help you build a winning content marketing strategy – and were giving it to you to read.

Expect to learn:

The anatomy of a sustainable content strategy
How to break through the noise with focused content
Top tips to supercharging your strategy with social data

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Take these 5 great examples and get cracking. A world of learning and advancement awaits you.