Social media has changed. Organic reach is dead.

Tell me something I don’t know, right?

This is old news, but most brands still haven’t shifted their approach to match. Many still obsess over the frequency of posting, benchmarking their efforts on the level of engagement, and leaving their content to the roulette of organic reach.

The result is that many brands are compromising deeply on both efficiency and efficacy – put simply, they aren’t approaching social media in the best way possible.

We, at Born Social think the reason that most brands haven’t yet changed their approach is that this requires a radical rethink of what social media is and how it should be used. We’re still fundamentally approaching social media with an organic mindset. But there’s a better way of doing things now.

Born Social think that the answer lies in a funnel. A tried and tested marketing framework, brought into a new era and applied to social media. We’ve been using it at Born Social for a while now, and we’ve found it’s a really effective way of approaching social media strategy that leads to real business results.

The premise is simple: you always need to be doing three, and only three things with your social media. Raising awareness, increasing engagement, and driving action.

You do this by splitting your audience into three segments:

  1. Those who don’t know you (awareness stage)
  2. Those who do know you (engagement stage)
  3. Those who are ready to take action (action stage)

When it comes to creating content for social media, don’t fall into the same old trap of creating content for your whole audience at once. You need to be creating different content for each of these groups and making sure they actually see it before progressing to the next phase in order to lead them down each stage of the funnel.   

Everything you’re doing on social is focusing towards a final action, meaning everything you invest can be measured against real, hard, tangible business results.

We’ve tested this out across our diverse client base – and found the results to be conclusive. By focusing on video at the awareness stage of the funnel, we are able to show our content to new people for 4.89% cheaper than average. Moreover, we achieved 12.1% more actions (not including video views!) compared to any other format.

We also found that social proof is crucial at the engagement stage – people are 8.29% more likely to click on a post that includes social proof (page likes, post likes, comments or shares).

Finally, by using carousel adverts to drive action, you can increase your click-through rate substantially – we found a 10.13% increase compared to the average.  

This framework isn’t anything revolutionary – in fact, it’s incredibly basic. That’s the point. It’s a simple way of thinking about social media that shifts you away from the outdated default of posting everything to your profile and wondering why you don’t achieve any results.

As for which sort of content you should be making, which audiences you should be targeting, and how you should be measuring your efforts? Download Born Social’s full report to find that out. It’s free, and you can download it here.

Guest post by Callum McCahon, Strategy Director at Born Social