How to Retain Your Twitter Followers

Having a lot of Twitter followers is great, however, the importance of retaining them and keeping them engaged with your profile is sometimes overlooked. Instead, many marketers focus a lot of their time on gathering new followers.

You should be aiming to have people eagerly anticipate your tweets and retweet whatever you post. You want your Twitter followers to keep wanting more from you. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you should panic about every unfollow. You can’t please everyone. In the same breath, remember that there was a reason that Twitter followers decided to engage with you in the first place. Consistently delivering the same content quality needs to be one of the essential aspects of your social media strategy in order to achieve retain your community.

This post discusses the top tips for community management and how to retain the amount of Twitter followers.

Retain Twitter followers with these steps

Retain Twitter followers by sticking to a plan

You need to keep reminding yourself of the reason you joined Twitter with your every tweet. Is your Twitter account for customer service? Lead generation? Business news? Marketing promotions? Whatever the reason is, make sure it remains that way. It’s fine to stray from the path from time to time, but if your profile consists of scattered pieces of information, your Twitter followers will not hang about for long. I’d recommend using a social media monitoring tool such as Meltwater to understand which type of content is resonating with your community. Hopefully, there is synergy between what you want to share and what they want to see. This is the perfect cocktail for those wanting to retain their community size. If not, the customer is always king. Give them what they want – if it’s aligned with what you can offer.

Tweet often

Tweeting often is also essential for those wanting to retain Twitter followers, especially considering the fast-paced nature of the platform. Everyone has a different opinion on how often you should tweet, but the fact remains that if you don’t post anything for over a month, it’s quite possible that you’re not going to retain followers.  The content doesn’t have to be directly related back to your company, sharing industry news can also help your positioning as a thought leader.

Share links with commentary

No one likes links that don’t include commentary. If you tweet like this, you’re in danger of being perceived as a spammer – and nobody likes them! It’ll be impossible to retain your Twitter followers if you follow this practice. Stand out by posting links along with your own thoughts and opinions on the matter. Opinions spark discussion and this is what social media is all about. Having tweet block? Asking yourself why you are sharing the post in the first place. What will your Twitter followers get out of the content? This can help you create the commentary and structure what your thoughts on the particular article.retain twitter followers with storytelling

Send @ replies

If you want to get people to follow you back, you should retweet and send @ replies as much as possible. Use a social media monitoring tool to uncover community members talking about you… but not necessary to you. A good way to both get more Twitter followers and retain the ones you already have is to simply talk to people! Comment on what others tweet, talk to them about something that sparked your interest in their profile.

Don’t neglect profile design

Humans are visual beings and the design of your Twitter profile has a great impact on your Twitter followers. A high-quality custom design is necessary. It helps people recognise your brand to stand out from your competitors and indicate that you care about being present on the channel. Consider looking for pro designers to do the job for you.

About the author:

Tony Solomon is former an LA-based translator turned writer. Currently, he is one of the senior editors at MediaGurus. Tony is well-versed in doing heavy research while striving to write high-quality content for the web. If you want to stay updated with Tony’s latest posts, feel free to follow him on Twitter.