The Higher Education Industry Report


Meltwater, global leaders in media intelligence presents the Higher Education Industry report.

This is the first of a series of industry reports providing communication professionals with detailed analysis into the top 10 Universities in the UK, as described by Times Higher Education.

Take a deep dive into:

• Individual and benchmarked university brand reputations
• Industry trending topics
• Sentiment
• Influencers

Recommendations for future PR, marketing and communication strategies are provided based on the analysis of data.

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OnDemand Webinar: Justify Your Existence – Modern Marketing in the Boardroom

From Hindsight to Foresight 

Do you struggle to demonstrate your worth to the board? You aren’t alone. Many marcoms professionals know the importance of measurement, but find it difficult to know which KPIs to measure, how to measure them, and how to present the insights in an easy to digest and visual way. In this webinar we hear Heidi Myers, EMEA Marketing Director at Meltwater discuss ways to showcase how your actions have increased brand awareness, driven home key messages, and/or provided the company with a competitive edge!

During this Webinar, You’ll Learn:

  • How to connect your marcom objectives with wider business objectives
  • Which KPIs most convincingly prove your worth, and their use case
  • Creative ways to break down data and pull valuable insights
  • Fresh reporting design options that will wow your exec team

About the Speakers:

Heidi Myers – EMEA Marketing Director, Meltwater Heidi is Marketing and Communications Director, EMEA at Meltwater. With over 15 years’ Sales and Marketing experience, Heidi has created, managed and led strategy and programmes in digital marketing and PR, helping Meltwater achieve significant growth and raising the Meltwater profile across the world.

Tina Fotherby – Founder of Famous Publicity Tina Fotherby runs a boutique agency in Surrey called Famous Publicity, looking after a diverse range of B2B and consumer clients. She will talk about the importance of Meltwater data in gaining recognition from clients for a ‘job well done’. • How to differentiate a social murmur from a real reputation threat • Case study examples from Susanna’s time at Amnesty International

Modern Marketing in the Boardroom

Learn how to:

Establish clear, far-reaching strategy in perfect alignment with finance, sales, product, HR, and other departments

Build a team with all the skills necessary for modern, data-driven marketing

Anchor your reporting in performance metrics, competitive analysis, and benchmarking


On-Demand Webinar: Use Social Listening to Increase & Measure Social Media Engagement

Putting Social Media Data to into Action

If you’re a PR professional charged with managing your company’s reputation, it’s not news to you that we’ve lost control of the message. Social technology has fundamentally changed the way that people communicate — and, consequently, our communications programs have had to change along with it.

This webinar will redefine the notion of media intelligence and why it matters in your day-to-day. It’ll also include some practical applications to help you both improve and understand your performance so that you’re in a better position to prove the success of your program to your higher-ups.

You will learn:

– What is media intelligence

– Why social listening isn’t enough : We need to mine our data into something we can action

– Why engagement matters : the sales & marketing process is a nurturing model

– How to measure our impact, our competitors and use the data within our strategy


The Keys to the Kingdom: Making Your Marketing Team More Data-Centric

Everyone needs something to strive for to keep them on track. When you (or your boss) is wondering if you’re doing a good job, key performance indicators (KPIs) are there to answer the question and nudge you to even greater heights.

But what are the right KPIs? And how do you access the right data to use them effectively?

Our e-book on data-driven marketing answers these questions and more. You’ll get an in-depth look at:

  • KPIs for Comms, Digital, and Customer Marketing Specialists
  • Tools you can use to measure these KPIs
  • Techniques for reporting performance and success in meaningful, visually engaging ways