Social Media Marketing for Everybody

The power of social media and its impact on business is ever-increasing – but is also growing in complexity. What with dozens of social channels to manage and updated features every day, it all takes a decent amount of focus and effort to stay on top of it all.

This eBook covers everything you need to know about the current state of social media marketing – whether it is your main focus or just another hat you wear as a marketer in today’s digital age, this guide will help you master social media marketing.

You’ll learn which platforms are the most important, and how to get the most value from them by picking the tactics that are proven do deliver the best results.

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  • How to use social listening to uncover insights
  • Building an efficient content publishing engine
  • Proving ROI to show the value of your activity

Seeing into the Future: Trend Spotting & Forecasting for PR


In PR, when our message goes out is just as important as what it says. There’s no better way to ensure maximum impact than aligning to a trend that’s starting to build—before the rest of the marketplace has hopped on, and well before your audience is already tired of it.

We’ve got the strategies and tools so you can:

• Spot Trends and the influencers shaping them

• Shape messages targeted to your industry and audiences

• Create a trend or two of your own


On-Demand Webinar: How to Create a High Impact Internal Communication Strategy

Justify your existence with internal comms

In PR we’re used to connecting with journalists and influencers to help spread our message, but sometimes the importance of internal communications can slip our mind.  We mustn’t underestimate the value of connecting with colleagues in different departments or other key stake holders. Optimised internal communication strategies not only help stakeholders to feel connected and aware of the coverage we’re receiving – but this also helps us to help justify our existence as the PR function.

Bringing internal communications back into the mix doesn’t mean a heavy addition to our (already jam-packed) workload, not if we don’t over complicate it, anyway. A simple to use newsletter will do the trick!

During this Meltwater webinar, we’ll discuss solutions to the common struggles communication professionals are faced with and answer the burning questions often ask, including:

  • How should I navigate the sea of content that’s out there?
  • How do I know what types of content are more important to curate?
  • How much content is too much content, and how can we find a good balance?
  • What industry information should we focus on?
  • How do we make the most of newsletters to drive engagement?

OnDemand Webinar: PR Measurement: The good, the bad, and the ugly

PR Measurement

For decades, the public relations industry has struggled to prove their return on investment. Today, PR has never been more accountable.

Developments in technology have enabled PR pros to monitor and analyse information quicker than ever before, meaning there is no need to squirm when faced with the once dreaded ROI question.

Listen to this on-demand webinar, presented by Rhodri Harries, Managing Director of Kaizo and learn actionable insights so you can perfect the best methods of meaningful measurement and reporting.

Discover common PR measurement #fails to avoid and use insights for strategic PR development, creating campaigns that are more agile and targeted than ever before.

All of the above will help you communicate the true value of the PR function and why PR should take a natural place at the table when business strategies are built.

Listen to the full conversation here!

Unlocking PR’s Potential with Content Marketing

Content marketing creates a lot of buzz and engagement, which is exactly what all PR pros are trying to accomplish. Find out how PR and content marketing can work together to build your brand and expand your reach.

Erika Heald, VP and Head of Content at Highwire PR, outlines how adopting a content marketing approach can help you:

  • Align all your messages
  • Create opportunities to reach influencers
  • Provide measurable results