PR software can help you save time, work more strategically and uncover potential opportunities and threats. Many of us have access to a variety of tools that can help us with these things, but if we don’t know how to use them to our advantage, they’re going to waste.

In this blog, we’ll cover how to always be alerted to PR coverage, how to perform an industry or competitor analysis, quickly find the right journalists for your story & measure your PR campaigns.

PR Software Tip #1 – Stay in the loop without any effort 

Make sure you’re always the first one to know about your PR coverage by setting up instant alerts or anomalies detection with a media monitoring provider.

This kind of PR software will ensure you’re on top of recent news and industry trends that could have an impact on your brand. This can help you prevent or manage the impact of a PR crisis, or help you spot potential opportunities for further PR coverage.

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Many media monitoring providers now have a mobile app, to ensure you’re alerted to the most essential news stories and social media posts on-the-go.

PR Software Tip #2 – Perform Competitor and Industry Analysis

Many companies are guilty of only looking at internal data. The trouble is, making decisions and updating strategy reactively, means we might get left behind the competition.

As you may know, our tagline is Outside Insight. This is the idea that we can gain valuable insights by looking at the available data online such as news coverage, hirings, ad-spend and social media mentions. These data types help companies keep their fingers on the pulse and make pro-active decisions rather than reactive ones.

Don’t worry though! It’s not as complicated as it may seem. PR software can help you perform a quick industry or competitor analysis in 15 minutes! Use these findings to keep your strategy agile.

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  • Search for a topic related to your industry or competitor
  • Set up a dashboard
  • Pull up trending themes 
  • Look for anything interesting or unexpected, this may uncover news you should be aware of, content ideas or stories to newsjack.
  • If looking at competitors filter the trending themes by sentiment to discover where and why they’re being discussed negatively. Use this as a way to position yourself uniquely.
  • Look at share of voice to compare the quantity or potential reach of your PR coverage to competitors.
  • Media exposure widget. Has a particular topic or keyword increased in media exposure? Has a competitor seen a huge increase in coverage? Click into this spike to learn more for more content ideas.

Use this PR analysis as a way to position yourselves uniquely, get inspired by competitors and find content to pitch to the press.

Having this information in your back pocket not only saves time, it puts you in command of valuable information – bosses love that!

PR Software Tip #3 – Pinpoint the Right Journalists and Encourage Conversation

PR’s put so much time into planning, implementing and then writing up the perfect press release. However, it can be a challenge to find the right journalists to talk about our story. ‘Spray & Pray’ pitching is often ineffective, partly due to the lack of personalisation of the pitch, but also because we’re pitching one angle to a mass of different kinds of journalists.

Journalists are moving around all the time and therefore it’s important to have a media list that can be quickly and easily updated as frequently as possible. Save time by using PR software that allows you to search not just by beat, but by content a journalist has recently written about. This will help you find the journalists who are actively interested in our industry or campaign.

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Pinpointing the right journalists will shorten your list to those who are most relevant and save you from useless outreach to those who aren’t interested.

Best of all, by finding the perfect journalist you can personalise your pitches and encourage a conversation, leading to better relationships and better press hits.

PR Software Tip #4 – Measure PR Campaigns 

Time and time again, I’ve seen teams ignore measurement until the end of a PR campaign and then scramble to manually to measure coverage, resulting in mediocre media analysis.

Reporting should not be an afterthought. If you go into your PR campaign with clear goals you should be able to configure your PR software to search and deliver results for the specific campaign. Once the campaign is complete you’ll be able to run media analysis that you’ve already set up and distribute the reports as needed. The more you allow your PR software to do the heavy lifting for you, the less you’ll need to do manually.

Did you know many PR tools allow you to search for more than just total PR hits? You can also deep dive into potential reach, sentiment, website traffic (including referral traffic from backlinks), social shares and geographical spread.

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Many of us use a variety of different tools to measure our PR campaigns. However, good PR software will enable you to analyse your campaign all in one platform.

Remember, concrete data and statistics will help you to justify your existence internally.

That’s it for now! If you’d like to learn more about how Meltwater can assist with the above, drop us a line below.

This blog was updated by Hannah Williams 15/06/2018 with up to date information.