October will see the launch of Meltwater CEO, Jörn Lyseggen’s first book. The book is called Outside Insight – Navigating a World Drowning in Data. Having already received good reviews, including positive comments from Forbes, this book is a must have for all decision-makers.

About the book- Outside Insight

Jörn Lyseggen’s new book outside insight
The Internet has changed how we live and make decisions. By contrast, the manager’s decision-making process has not changed significantly in the vast majority of organisations. Today, decision makers mostly focus on internal data such as sales figures, stock status, etc. but the internal data is only half the truth.
There is a huge amount of data outside a company’s four walls. This data is called “digital breadcrumbs”. For example, key industry players publish press releases that affect your business, your customers write reviews about you and your products on social media, your competitors recruit in a particular region and so on. By understanding what happens outside your company’s four walls, as soon as it occurred, you can stay ahead and make informed business decisions.

“Decision makers need to understand Outside Insight. Lyseggen is at the forefront and helps companies make informed and better decisions. Lyseggen is the first CEO to explain how to think differently about external data”


Jörn Lyseggen calls the understanding of external data “Outside Insight”. In his book “Outside Insight – Navigating a World Drowning in Data”, Lyseggen shows how to move focus from internal data to an understanding that analysis must also include data online. By analysing both internal data and external data, companies get a fairer picture of reality. Obtaining an overall picture of the outside world helps companies identify both opportunities and threats.

Lyseggen believes that Apple, Facebook and Barack Obama are great examples of brands and people who already understand the value of Outside Insight. They benefit from what is said online and have therefore won major competitive advantages.

”A book you have to read. Lyseggen provides concrete tips on how to take your business from bottom to top using insights from external data”

-Peter Tufano, Peter Moores Dean, Oxford University Saïd Business School.

About Jörn Lyseggen

Jörn Lyseggen’s new book outside insight
Jörn Lyseggen is a Norwegian entrepreneur and Meltwaters CEO. He founded Meltwater in Oslo back in 2001. Jorn had an investment of $15,000 and a big idea. Meltwater is a media intelligence platform that monitors traditional media, social media and public protocols, delivering one first class services. Meltwater has over 55 offices in six continents.

In 2008 Lyseggen founded Meltwater Entreprenuerial School of Technology (MEST) an African tech school and incubator for local entrepreneurs. Jörn has been featured on CNN, TechCrunch, TedX and more. Read more about the book at Facebook and follow @jorn_lyseggen on Twitter!