Successful media outreach is all about being timely and developing and maintaining strong relationships with journalists. The Meltwater News media contacts module helps you do just that with features like the media database keyword search, relevant articles list and pitch clouds. An often overlooked, but useful tool in addition to these is the journalist follow feature. This feature sends you regular email alerts with recent articles from selected journalists. Select journalists or a full media list to follow, choose on which days of the week to receive alerts, and the platform will aggregate and send any articles written since the last email alert.


Maintain Relationships with Journalists – The journalist follow feature gives you a reason to reach out to journalists outside of a pitch. Just like any other person, journalists like a pat on the back or an ego boost! If you see a relevant article come through, send an email to comment on it or congratulate the journalist. This is a great way to maintain and nurture good media relations.


Stay Timely and On-topic – In addition to Meltwater News media searches, the journalist follow feature notifies you of breaking news topics, allowing you to ride the trend and stay timely. Following a journalist is also a great way to take a journalist-focused perspective on competitive PR. If a journalist is writing on a topic relevant to your company, reach out to pitch your perspective or spin and join the conversation.


How-to Guide


  • Navigate to the Media Contacts tab in Meltwater News


  • Click on “media lists” in the sub-menu in the top left of the screen



  • To follow all of the journalists in a media list, click on the follow icon to the right of any list. The icon looks like an eyeball with legs 🙂


  • Click on “Alert Settings” in the top right of the screen to change the timing of reports. The following dialogue box will appear:



  • To follow individual journalists, click on a media list to view its list of journalists



  • The same follow icon will appear just to the left of the journalist’s name. Select journalists by clicking on the icon next to their name.


  • Email alert settings can be changed on this page as well by clicking on “Alert Settings” in the top right of the screen


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