Modern Day Marketing : The Latest Marketing Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

Modern Day Marketing : The Latest Marketing Stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hannah Williams
21 August 2018

Check out the infographic below to get some of the latest marketing stats. It explores investment in digital marketing, video, social media, content marketing, PPC and more! Thanks to NCC for sending this over to us.

marketing stats infographc
Marketing in Modern Day Society : Infographic by NCC


Latest marketing stats:

SEO & web traffic marketing stats

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine
  • 47% of people click on one of the first three listings
  • 28% of marketers have reduced budget for traditional marketing to fund digital marketing activities
  • 77% of small & medium businesses use social media in their marketing strategy
  • If you get to the first position on Google, you receive an average clickthrough rate of 34.36%
  • 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases
  • 61% of marketers say improving SEO & online presence is their top priority
  • 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting research on their phone

Video marketing stats

  • 4 x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it
  • 48% of marketers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy in the next year
  • 52% of marketing professionals name video as the content with the best ROI
  • 50% of internet users look for videos related to the product or service before visiting a store

Social media marketing stats

  • 61% of those spending more than 6 hours a week on their social media marketing strategy saw SEO improvements
  • 92% of marketers say social media is important to their business
  • 66% of those spending at least 6 hours a week on social media had lead gen opportunities

Content marketing stats

  • B2B marketers allocate an average of 28% of total marketing budget to content marketing
  • 53% of marketers say that blog content is their top inbound marketing priority
  • 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep
  • Companies that publish more than 16 blog posts a month, get 3.5 x more traffic than those who publish 0-4 monthly posts
  • 11% of marketers plan to add podcasting to their marketing efforts (2017)

Email marketing stats

  • 54% of marketers say increasing engagement rate is the top priority for email marketing
  • 75% of companies believe that email offers provide an excellent or good ROI
  • 86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails once a month
  • The open rate of personalised emails is 18% compared to 11% for non-personalised emails

Lead generation marketing stats

  • 53% of marketers use half their budget for lead gen
  • 40% of marketers say proving ROI of their marketing activities is their top marketing challenge
  • 67% of B2B marketers say they see at least 10% increase in sales ops through lead nurturing
  • The main benefit of marketing automation for B2B marketers is to generate leads

Pay per click (PPC) marketing stats

  • 65% of people click Google ads when they’re looking to buy an item online
  • The average clickthrough rate for a first position mobile search ad on Google is 28%
  • By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all digital ad spend in the US
  • Facebook is the most used social media ad (84% use)

Mobile marketing stats

  • 82% consult their smartphones on purchases they’re going to make in store
  • 34% of online retail purchases now happen on a mobile device