With the New Year fast approaching, you might be feeling inspired to look for a new marketing job, or to gain a promotion in your current company. After all, if you want to get ahead in your marketing career, it’s important to keep on progressing, learn new skills and seek out new opportunities.

The good news is, there’s plenty you can do to excel in your career and get yourself on track for an exciting new job, whether that’s with your existing employer, or in a completely new business.

So read on for CV-Library’s top tips on getting ahead in your marketing career.

1.    Keep on top of trends

One of the most brilliant aspects of working in marketing is the fact that the industry is constantly evolving. Companies are constantly seeking new ways to reach their target audience and as a result, exploring new technologies to help them do so.

As such, in order to get ahead in your marketing career in 2019, you need to ensure you’re keeping on top of the latest industry trends. Sign up to email newsletters from top marketing publications, as well as alerts for your competitors to see what they’re up to.

If you’re able to suggest a new way to market to potential customers – and it works – you’ll seriously impress your employer and could be on track for a promotion.

2.    Learn new skills

Following on from the above, if you notice that a particular trend is taking over, it’s important that you’re highly skilled in this area. For example, if you’re reading a lot about SEO, but still aren’t sure what it means for you and your business, it’s worth reading up on the topic online.

In addition, there’s plenty of free and paid-for online courses, that could help you to learn new skills. So, consider what areas you need to brush up on, as this can help massively with your employment prospects.

It’s also worth speaking to your existing employer about learning these skills. They may be able to facilitate training in-house, or point you in the direction of someone that can help. After all, the skills you gain will not only benefit you, but also the wider business.

3.    Understand the entire funnel

Specialising in a certain area of marketing can be extremely beneficial. You’ll become an expert in your field, and a go-to person for people in the company to go to should they need help with your subject matter.

That said, the way marketing teams work varies massively from business to business, so it’s crucial to have an understanding of the entire funnel and the role that other sub-divisions of marketing play in promoting your brand.

By having broader knowledge of marketing practices, you’ll be able to make informed suggestions on ways your company can stand out amongst the competition, helping you to get ahead in your marketing career in 2019.

4.    Build relationships

As a marketer, you’ll be a natural communicator, so forging great relationships shouldn’t be a challenge. Working harmoniously with your fellow marketers will help to ensure that campaigns and projects run smoothly and that you’ll get the results that the business needs.

What’s more, outside of the marketing department, you should seek to build strong relationships with your sales team. By understanding what their pain points are and working with them to ensure you’re helping them reach potential customers, you’ll yield far better results.

Let’s not forget about outside suppliers too. Companies like Meltwater offer a fantastic service, so speak to your contacts about how you can make the most of the relationship and support one another.

5.    Find a new role

Ultimately, if you want to get ahead in your marketing career and aren’t getting what you need from your existing employer, you might be better off searching for a new role, elsewhere.

Sometimes, you learn all you can from a job and need to find a new challenge. That’s completely fine! It’s just part of the working world.

And, most impressively, CV-Library data shows that average pay for new marketing jobs jumped up by 6.7% in 2018, so you could also secure yourself a nice little pay rise if you do decide to move.

Boost your marketing career in 2019

These are just some of the ways you can get ahead in your marketing career in 2019. Make sure you brush up on the latest industry trends, develop your skill set and maximise your relationships within the industry.

I hope that this gives you some food for thought and gives you the push you need to go for a promotion or find a new job.