With 1.73 billion users on social media, finding top accounts who provide real value to your feed can be overwhelming. But fear not, Meltwater is here to save you from the search! We’ve put together a list of our top tech, marketing and PR Irish influencers to follow.

1/5 Irish Influencers to follow- @KrishnaDe

Krishna is an award-winning speaker, commentator, and mentor. @KrishnaDe is named a top influencer to follow for those interested in digital marketing, practical tips and the latest news on trends and technologies.

2/5 Irish Influencers to follow- @adrianweckler

As Technology Editor at the Irish Sunday Independent, @adrianweckler covers the latest news in this fast-paced industry. Once following Adrian, you can expect to receive insights on apps, innovative technology, social media and analyses changes in the digital sphere.

3/5 Irish Influencers to follow- @JBBC

Marie is a PR and social media professional and trainer, keynote speaker and award-winning health care blogger. Marie tweets from @JBBC about the role of social media from a healthcare perspective. Be sure to #FF (follow Friday) Marie if in the non-profit sector.

4/5 Irish Influencers to follow- @marievonboran

We can ensure the latest news in technology and social media is delivered to our feed each morning by clicking the follow button on @marievonboran’s profile. Marie is a freelance technology journalist, writing for the likes of The Irish Times. We can also find Marie lecturing at Dublin City University where she researches areas of science journalism and social media.

Influencer 5/5 Irish Influencers to follow- @GregCantyFuzion

Greg is a PR and Marketing professional with years of experience under his belt. We can expect to see all things business related once following @GregCantyFuzion. Greg also lectures with the Digital Marketing Institute and specialises in social media training and marketing and PR consultancy.

Psst.. The above influencers to follow were chosen objectively, quite frankly, we failed to achieve a ranking by preference as they’re all awesome!