Instagram Communications: Defining the Editorial Line in B2B

It’s no secret that Instagram is a great platform for generating B2C brands revenue. However, resource investment from B2B companies is significantly lower. According to the latest Social Media Examiner study, 54% of surveyed marketers now use Instagram, 63% plan to increase their activity on Instagram, and 71% want to know more about how to use this channel. It sounds like every man and his dog is paying attention to Insta right now, which means our competitors are also likely to be… and so we should be too!

Why is an editorial line on Instagram important?

Our editorial line is something that sets us apart from competitors. It enables us to position our brand in a precise way, creating a clear voice for our content to make it easier for our audience to anticipate what kind of content they’re likely to find by following us. Our editorial line must align across the various communication channels we choose to use in order to bring cohesion to all forms of content.

How to define your editorial line on Instagram?

At this stage of reflection, we must ask ourselves several questions:

What is my target?

We wouldn’t talk the same way to a teenager as we would to a Marketing Director or CEO. We must adapt our speech if we wish to resonate with our audience. We can use data provided by Instagram to know the behaviour of our audience and adapt our content accordingly so that it’s always relevant.

What are my competitors up to?

It’s good to be competitive, competitiveness is a trait all winners have in common! Keeping a watchful eye on our competitive landscape is essential before being present on any communication channel, not just Instagram. We should observe which subjects are the most talked about across our industry, and drill down further to understand which messages are resonating in a positive light, and what themes don’t appeal to our audience. A media monitoring tool such as Meltwater can help during this process.

What are the trends around our brand, competition or industry?

Trend spotting is very important if we wish to stay one step ahead of the competition and position ourself as a leader. We can take a look at trending influencer accounts and take inspiration from them or analyse the hashtags our audience use the most.

It’s wise to moderate the use of popular hashtags if we have an account with few subscribers as it’s easy for our content to drown in the mass of messages that come along with using a popular hashtag. Remember, whilst it’s tempting to increase impressions, not all impressions are important. We’d recommend varying between popular hashtags and custom hashtags to create our own brand image.

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Once we have the answers to our above questions, it’s time for us to choose:

  • The language used: Should we opt for professional jargon or a more familiar voice?
  • The tone: Are we a humorous or serious brand?
  • Hashtags: Have we made a list of the best hashtags to use on Instagram? Do we know which ones will be the most relevant?
  • Colours: ‘sall about the filters on Instagram. Choose one and stick to it to remain uniform and recognisable.
  • Content: What are we going to talk about? Remember, it’s not all about us and it’s good practice to post images that represent our brand image and lifestyle of our audience

Some ideas for content to share:

A peek behind the scenes:

People who follow us are likely to be interested in what happens behind closed office doors. Let them take a peek and see what it’s like working for our company through the eyes of our employees, what our workplace looks like, learn more about the wider brand community and other customers etc.

Editorial Line
Work anniversaries
Editorial Line
Team meetings
Editorial Line
Client appointments
Editorial Line
Editorial Line
Infographics visually showcasing insights from our industry
Editorial Line
Short video tutorials showcasing how to use our products/solutions/services
Editorial Line
Highlight employees hard work
Editorial Line
Product updates