Infographic: BAFTA’s 2018 Social Media Analysis

Infographic: BAFTA’s social media analysis

On the 18th February 2018, BAFTA’s hosted their annual film award ceremony. On the day of the event, there were almost 300,000 social media posts! That sure is a lot of data. We thought it would be interesting to break down the top moments on social media of the ceremony.

Using Meltwater’s social listening tool, we’ve performed social media analysis on the total number of BAFTA mentions, hot topics, geographical spread and the impact of #TimesUp on the coverage. Check out our infographic below to get the low-down.

BAFTA's social media analysis infographic

  1. Total number of BAFTA’s social media conversations

The BAFTA’s was mentioned nearly 300,000 times on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook pages and blogs.

2. Social Media Analysis of the Hottest Topics at the BAFTA’s

  • TimesUp
  • Red Carpet
  • Daniel Kaluuya
  • Rising star award
  • Duchess of Cambridge
  • Three Billboard Outside Ebbing, Missouri
  • Shape of Water
  • Dunkirk
  • Congrats
  • Toro

3. Geographical spread of BAFTA’s social media coverage 

We discovered mentions of the BAFTA’s across the globe! With conversations in almost every country. Unsurprisingly, the UK was where the most conversations around the BAFTA’s took place. 19% of coverage was from a UK based social media profile, 10% in America, 3% in Mexico and 2% in Brazil.

BAFTA's social media analysis

Heat map indicating the volume of conversations of #EEBaftas globally. 

4. TimesUp & Blackout

Since October 2018, #MeToo and #TimesUp has regularly made the headlines. Attendees of the BAFTA’s were encouraged to wear black in solidarity of the movement. When analysing the mentions of fashion and the red carpet, we discovered that ‘Times up’ was dominating the coverage. As you can see in the word cloud below, Kate Middleton (The Duchess of Cambridge), not wearing a black dress caused quite the social media storm!  

BAFTA's social media analysis

Unlike past award ceremonies, the ‘Best-dressed‘ celebrities was not a big talking point. Instead, there was much more of a focus on the issue of #MeToo and #TimesUp as you can see from the word cloud above. In fact, the only trending theme that didn’t relate to the times up movement was Timothee Chalamet, who created buzz around his red carpet arrival.

Overall, more than 15,000 posts mentioned both the BAFTA’s and #timesup or #metoo.

5. Top film and Actor

Three Billboard Outside Ebbing, Missouri, was the most discussed film on the night, followed by the Shape of Water.

Daniel Kaluuya was the most discussed actor with over 12,000 mentions. In fact, he was the most discussed person on the night.

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