One of the most powerful benefits of using Facebook’s Lead Gen Ads is that you can easily engage with your audience and capture people’s interest through offers without redirecting them outside of the Facebook platform. The process of adding new prospects to your list is very simple and it can be done with just a few clicks, all without the user leaving the app:

facebook lead gen ads

Research studies have proven that mobile forms take at least 38% more time to fill out compared to desktop forms. Facebook’s lead gen dds remove the landing page from the equation and make the lead capture process faster and smoother.

How do Facebook lead gen ads work?

It’s easy for people to interact with your Facebook lead gen ad. They can engage by:

1) Clicking the Call-to-Action button (e.g. “Subscribe”, “Buy now”, “Call”, “Learn more”, etc.), and

2) Confirming by tapping the “Submit” button.

So, basically, they sign-up with two simple taps!

The majority of Facebook users aren’t on the site to shop. There’s Amazon for that. They’re on Facebook to check out what their friends and families have been up to, potentially sneak on their competition, watch cat videos and who knows what else.

While Facebook users may not be in the “shop now” mood, if you craft a good lead gen advert, you may get them curious enough to find out more or subscribe to your mail list and future updates. Now you have their attention and have brought them to your list, the next thing you do is retarget them with a new set of Facebook lead gen ads.

How to Create Facebook Lead Gen Ads

Here are the steps for creating your first Facebook lead gen ad using the Ads Manager:

  1. Open the Ads Manager and click on the green “Create Ad” button in the top right corner
  2. Choose “Lead generation” as your marketing objective
  3. Name your campaign and click “Continue”
  4. Dial in your target audience, placements, budget &schedule
  5. Next, choose the format, text and the Lead Form
  6. Click the “New Form” button and select the information you want to ask for
  7. Add the link to your website’s privacy policy and a link to your “Thank You” page
  8. Once you’re done, review the form and click the “Create Form” button
  9. Next, write the headline, the post copy and upload an image
  10. When your campaign has ended, download your leads through a CSV export from your Page.

Facebook lead gen ad tips

It’s worth noting that due to the simplicity of the sign-up process, prospects could be less committed to following-up as they would be if they’d completed the form on a classic landing page, thoroughly reading the copy and double-checking their information.

There are three ways around this:

  1. Create a separate email list for these leads
  2. Offer entry-level, low-cost offers
  3. Start nurturing these leads and moving them deeper into the buyer cycle

Optimising Your Facebook Lead Gen Ads

Here are a few tips to optimise your campaign for conversion:

  • Write a punchy title and ad copy and use a high-quality image
  • Measure the click-through-rates (CRT) and adjust the angle, title, description and image until you’re happy with CTR ROI
  • Reward the people who completed your form with a free e-book, voucher or a small tutorial that complements your main product.

Don’t forget, media monitoring tools such as Meltwater can help you get a 360-degree view of the trends and themes that are relevant to your audience, so you respond quickly and effectively with compelling offers.

Facebook’s lead gen ads are very effective in helping you collect fresh leads and encouraging your audience to subscribe to your offers, without them having to leave Facebook. The less intrusive the ads and the easier to fill forms, the higher chances for conversions.

If you want to deepen your understanding of how your online communications are impacting your Facebook audience, check out Meltwater’s media monitoring products.

About the author:

Sarah Williams is a Berlin-based entrepreneur, self- development blogger, and dating advisor. She helps people discover their true potential by developing their bodies and minds. Check out her useful life tips at Wingman Magazine – an online source of advice and inspiration for young men.