One of the most common Twitter related questions we get asked is ‘how do I get more followers?’.

Let me start off by saying that getting followers on Twitter should never be your end goal. Why? Because the quality of followers is more important than quantity. In addition, having an engaged following matters more than having thousands of followers. You may have heard the term ‘vanity metric’ thrown about with regards to measuring followers. This is the view that followers have little impact on your bottom line, whereas increasing engagement, could help you attract and convert potential customers.

However, we also understand that many marketing & social media teams are often measured on increasing Twitter followers which is why in this blog we’ll be covering ‘how to get more followers on Twitter’. Many of these tips will also help you increase engagement (so we can tackle 2 birds with one stone)

Provide Value:

Provide potential followers with something valuable. Why should they follow you? They’re certainly going to want more than just a sales pitch. Consider what you can provide to your target audience. This could be solving a problem, providing advice, being entertaining or something else!

Guest Blog:

I generally think of guest blogging as an SEO tactic, because it’s great for building backlinks, but one of the very strong side benefits is that it can help you get more engaged followers on Twitter. If you write great content, your readers will want to hear more from you – so they’re likely to follow you on social media. They’re also likely to share your content with their network, exposing you to an even larger group of potential followers.

To get the most out of guest blogging, make it easy for your fans to find you by including social media handles in your bio. Many people will include both their Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile in their bio.


Twitter is great for driving webinar attendance and engagement which, in turn, can help you get more followers on Twitter. Use Twitter to promote your webinar to your followers, and ask them to retweet you to spread the word – not only will this will help you get better attendance, it will help more people discover you. During the event, encourage attendees to live-tweet to increase engagement, and your reach, even more. With more engagement and reach, you’ll be exposed to a wider audience that may be interested in following you.

Speak at a Conference:

Speaking at a conference is a great way to turn an offline tactic into an online success. People who have chosen to hear you speak at a conference are exactly the audience that would want to receive your updates on Twitter (assuming you tweet about the same topics that you speak about at conferences). Make it easy for them to find you by including your Twitter handle in your bio, and on each slide in your presentation. Also, encourage them to live tweet your presentation and/or ask questions – this will help you increase your reach and build relationships.

Join conversations:

One of the easiest ways to get more followers on Twitter is by getting involved in conversations. Offer your opinion on articles, answer questions related to your industry and join Twitter chats.

Treat your audience like you would your friends:

“To make sales and boost your following, show you’re the expert, put out great content, engage with your followers and make them feel good! Treat your audience like your friends. Look after your audience, and they’ll look after you. Tweet around 10 times a day. 2/10 can be product focused, the rest engaging, relevant articles to other sites.” Says Samantha Kelly, social media expert.

Connect with influencers

A good way to expand your reach and get more followers is by connecting with influencers. Influencer marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness. Learn how to nurture relationships with influencers here!

Run ad campaigns

Another way to reach people outside of your network is by running ads. Twitter has specific ads that can be run to increase followers.

  1. Go into Twitters ads section, and as your objective choose ‘followers’
  2. Decide on your budget & how long you want to run the campaign
  3. Select creatives
  4. Choose audience
  5. Launch campaign!

Follow relevant industry professionals

Simply being in the same network as relevant industry professionals can help you to get more followers on Twitter.

Share your Twitter on your website

Embed your timeline to your website and ensure your Twitter handle is visible at the top or bottom of your website.

To embed your tweets:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the URL of the timeline or Moment you’d like to embed.
  3. Customize the design by specifying the heighttheme(light or dark), and link colour to match your website.
  4. Copy and paste the code into the HTML of your website wherever you would like the timeline to appear.
  5. You’re done!

Tweet regularly

Make sure you’re tweeting a few times a day. According to Moz, the lifespan of a tweet is around 18 minutes. Therefore, to ensure you have the best chance of increasing your social media engagement & followers, make sure your tweets have the most visibility.