With every man and his dog (literally) celebrating Halloween, it comes as no surprise that this multi-million pound industry is often hijacked by brands as a way of tapping into the global conversation. Using this globally recognised event for marketing activities is an effective way to ensure visibility, and in doing so naturally increases social media engagement. Those who are not already involved should take a bite of pumpkin pie and capitalise on this easy marketing win opportunity!

So how can we leverage the fun of Halloween?

Posting Pictures – Increasing social media engagement tip #1

Host a Halloween themed office party and take lots of photos to post online. Followers love to see faces behind the brand- even if they are masked up!  Increase social media engagement with the audience by asking them to vote for their favourite costume, or what costume the CEO should wear. Additionally, dishing out sweets to clients or influencers encourages them to post tweets of their sweets.

A couple of the London office Meltwater team celebrating Halloween last year!

Promotional Discounts – Increasing social media engagement tip #2

Halloween is a great excuse to start a conversation with customers and offer treats in the form of promotional discounts. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, adding a spooky image and supporting copy will do the trick.

Sharing Stories – Increasing social media engagement tip #3

Content marketing can learn a thing or two from Halloween. Exchanging scary stories is a tradition of the holiday, so why not ask the audience what scares them with reference to a specific topic? Once they reply, if possible, offer them advice on how to overcome such fears.

Website Games – Increasing social media engagement tip #4

Create a Halloween themed scavenger hunt around the website. This drives traffic, increases time spent on the website and encourages participants to browse the content; hopefully resulting in more leads for the sales team.

Halloween Meme – Increasing social media engagement tip #5,

Create a funny Halloween meme and include the Twitter handle somewhere within the image. Research shows that people are more likely to share funny content than important content on social media, because lets face it we like to make others laugh!

Facebook Competitions – Increasing social media engagement tip #6

Facebook competitions are a great way to increase social media engagement, expand following and capture data about customers. Check out our Facebook promotions tool to help offer an interactive experience. My team mates Chris  and Leslie further explain the benefits of the tool and social media campaigns in their previous posts – for more on that, download our free Facebook for business book series.

If you have any further suggestions on how to increase social media engagement using Halloween themed content, we would love to hear it! In the meantime…