Wondering where Graph Search is headed? Facebook content marketing will get more powerful.

Facebook Graph Search is a powerful tool for marketers: there are all sorts of tips and tricks as to how it can be used to assist your Reach, your business and your hiring process – among other things.  (For more on this, check out our book on using Facebook marketing strategies with Graph Search.)

Graph Search finds connections that you wouldn’t otherwise put together – and that’s why Facebook content marketing is going to get really interesting once Graph Search gives us full functionality to search posts.  Facebook started rolling out some of these features in Q4 last year, but has yet to uncork the full power of Graph Search for us.

Imagine, for example, being to able search for “Posts about World cup that my Followers Like” – that result will let you know how popular the topic is, which brands are doing well, whether there’s a specific topic related to the larger one that’s working, and what sort of content you might want to post to engage people.

When will Graph Search have this sort of functionality?  Well, we don’t know.  What we do know is that Facebook Zero (i.e. the organic Reach decline and the new rules about engagement and impressions) means that brands absolutely must spur engagement, or their content dies on the vine.  That being the case, Graph Search is set to become a really powerful research tool for your Facebook content marketing program – especially since the word on the street is that Facebook is prepping to release Graph Search features on mobile.

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