In this ’10 questions with’ blog we were lucky enough to have a chat with Meltwater client, Francesca Carpanini, Marketing and Communications Manager at Newydd Housing Association.

Learn about her day-to-day role, campaigns she’s worked on, how she see’s the marketing & comms industry heading and a few fun facts along the way.

1. What does your day-to-day role as Newydd Housing Association’s Marketing Communication Manager entail?

We’re a small team at Newydd Housing Association, just the two of us, so day-to-day can mean a whole host of different things, depending on the day. My days comprise of things such as writing campaign strategies, producing senior management reports, budget management, proactively approaching our local and sector media regarding features and opinion pieces, as well as managing events and ministerial visits. Thankfully, my digital media officer is great at managing the day-to-day digital content and keeping us scheduled in line with awareness weeks, the news agenda and what we are up to as an organisation.

2. How long have you been in the role for and what led you down this path?

I have been with Newydd Housing Association since January of this year. I think it’s important to try and experience different sectors when working in communications as it broadens your knowledge and understanding of what impacts on that sector, which could then influence how you engage that sector once out of it. Housing is a really interesting and vast sector to be involved with and I’m relishing the challenge of it all.

3. Favourite TV series at the moment?

Don’t think I can pin it down to one, but I’m really enjoying Series of Unfortunate Events, Westworld, Lucifer and Bates Motel.

4. What’s the best campaign you’ve worked on?

I’ve been proud of all of the campaigns that I have launched over the years, but I think the ‘Who Would You Call?’ campaign last year with South Wales Fire and Rescue Service was definitely one that stands out for me. It wasn’t just raising awareness of who to call when someone is in difficulty in the water – Fire or Coastguard – but also how it could influence behaviour and potentially save lives. The campaign was primarily digital, with cinema advertising across Wales, including ahead of Dunkirk. Across Twitter, the campaign reached over 350,000 accounts and made 857,457 impressions; Facebook saw the video shared 108 times and 46,594 people reached.

There was also a 14% reduction in water rescues following on from the campaign.

5. Have you got anything quirky/weird on your desk?

I have five Comic Relief red noses from different years that sit on my desk, alongside the Cowshed stress cow that I got at an event.

6. What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Either spending time with my horses, reading a book or writing a children’s story. Although on a rainy day (which are frequently living in Wales), binge-watching Disney, a musical or Netflix marathons.

7. Favourite Meltwater feature?

I think the trending themes is one of my favourite features of the Meltwater system. Although the topic momentum comes in a close second, as both offer great insight and helps with my analysis for media activity.

8. Who do you love following on social media and why?

Serena Williams, Lady Gaga, Richard Branson. They each offer their own take on success, but also that failure is part of life and it is what you do after you fail that makes you. Plus, I love nosing at their lifestyles, their homes and the little window that they give their followers into a world that is so far removed from most people’s.

9. Where do you see the PR/ comms or social media industry changing in the next 5 years?

Video continues to be the growing trend in communications, the ability to film, edit and publish high-quality footage quickly is a must for organisations looking to stay on top of their game.

Traditional PR and marketing functions won’t exist in their original format in five years’ time, as the industry and the audiences we are targeting will have moved on from that. It’ll be about digital impact more and more, augmented reality and artificial intelligence will become part of the communications patter, even engagement with journalists will be proactively driven through digital media relations over the old school way of selling in over the phone. I’d like to hope that a coffee with a journalist to discuss story ideas and maintain those established relationships will still exist though.

10. How does Meltwater support you in your role?

The influencers section really helps with creating an audit trail of what has gone out in relation to media statements, press releases and also, who has engaged with the content. It just helps us to be more intelligent with what we share, as well as who we share it with; stepping away from the blanket press release and using an even more targeted approach.

Meltwater also helps with my senior management reporting, as I can provide clear evaluation and feedback on our media campaigns, as well as competitor analysis and the overall positioning of Newydd Housing Association in the sector.

If you’d like to find out how Meltwater can support you in your role contact today.