Did you know that Meltwater offers a free Facebook tool that analyses your Facebook page? Well, now you do!

Likealyzer, the free Facebook tool, was created by Meltwater to help companies optimise their professional Facebook pages and strategy. More than 100,000 people worldwide currently use Likealyzer every week to take their Facebook to new heights.

Likealyzer is useful whether you’re a beginner or Facebook expert! Insights found through the Facebook tool are used to optimise strategy, stand out from the crowd, more accurately target your message to your audience and quite frankly… crush the competition!

The ‘New’ Facebook

The business use case for being present on Facebook is clear.

With more than 2 billion users per month, Facebook is the perfect platform to systematically reach your company’s target audience. Many companies are capitalising on the platform’s reach. In fact, over 60 million professional Facebook pages now exist.

This increase in brands utilising Facebook as a marketing channel eventually caused the social media giant some concern.

In January 2018, Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg announced a change to the social network’s algorithm. You can view Mark’s full comment here, but to summarise, the ‘new’ Facebook is now prioritising messages from friends and family over branded content.

“Recently we’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content — posts from businesses, brands and media — is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other…Based on this, we’re making a major change to how we build Facebook. I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to help you have more meaningful social interactions.” Mark Zuckerberg.

Reportedly, this change in algorithm caused organic brand reach to slump to a dismal 2%. The golden days of Facebook aren’t over, however as a result of the change in algorithm, the need to review and revise Facebook strategy is greater than ever.

But how do you know if your corporate page is really performing and what you need to change if it’s not?

Here we explain how you can use Meltwater Likealyzer to find out!

How to use Likealyzer, the free Facebook tool

Likealyzer doesn’t just analyse your Facebook page, it also uses AI to offer customised recommendations to help boost your Facebook presence based on the results!

Here’s how to begin using the tool…

#1 First, use the search box to select the Facebook page you want to analyse.

Try Likealyzer, the free Facebook Tool

#2 Woohoo, no more number crunching needed! Now you can uncover important insights relevant to your Facebook strategy in the blink of an eye, simply by popping in the page you want to analyse.

We’ve used Coca-Cola as an example. Here you can see they’re “doing alright, but there’s room for improvement.” Suggested tweaks to their strategy to help improve Facebook ROI include quicker response times, post frequency, engagement with other Facebook pages and edits to the length of posts.

Likealyzer, the free Facebook Tool gives you insights to optimise your facebook strategy

#3 Uses insights to benchmark your own Facebook page success over time, or your competitor’s. Implement tweaks to your Facebook strategy based on the lessons learned.

For example, by engaging with other Facebook pages that are also of interest to your audience, you’re able to increase your brand reach with that Facebook page’s community. This will also help the brand seem more human, which is important in the day and age of the ‘new’ Facebook and their favouring of “more meaningful conversations”.

Screenshot Likealyzer Facebook Tool Insights

#4 Get into a “start, stop, continue” mindset by checking out the areas where your Facebook page still needs improvement and where you’re already doing a really good job.

Analysis, insights and recommendations – all available within our free Facebook tool

By signing in with your Facebook profile and giving Likealyzer access to your linked corporate page, you can use the tool to get even more recommendations, analysis and benchmarks for similar websites in your industry. If you don’t add a page you’d like to compare, the tool will suggest similar pages for you. This is a cool way of uncovering competitors in your space.
Take your facebook to new heights with our free facebook tool, Likealyzer

Facebook Tool

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You can try our Facebook tool for the analysis of your Facebook page here.

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