WEBINAR: Increasing PR Coverage: Your Brand Isn’t Boring, Your Stories Are

This webinar can be watched on-demand here

Ever thought your brand/ industry is “too boring” to land PR? You’re wrong.

The challenge with a lot of PR advice is that the case studies used aren’t exactly typical. This makes it difficult for companies with smaller budgets, lower brand recognition and working in a less ‘sexy’ industry to relate.

All PRs have the option to increase press coverage through their campaigns. They just need to understand how to find and correctly tell a story that resonates.

Join Meltwater’s latest WEBINAR on 16th May at 11.00am and hear Andy Barr, co-founder and co-managing director of Yetis PR explore storytelling opportunities and strategies that (supposedly) “boring” brands can use to increase media exposure.

In this 30 minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Proven methods of finding and implementing compelling stories, to make your company seem less dull
  • How to create senior story buy-in, and prevent stories from getting watered down
  • Tips on how to review your story angle
  • Case study examples of less typical companies making their industry sexy through storytelling

10 Keys to Finding, Growing and Nurturing your Social Community

10 Keys to Finding, Growing and Nurturing your Social Community

Building a strong social media presence is a number one priority for many marketing professionals. In fact, social media management is slowly becoming an extension of the PR team too. We’re obsessed with growing our social community, but how do we go about doing it? And more importantly, how can we retain our community size? Sustaining our community is just as important as growing it after all.

Join Meltwater’s latest WEBINAR on 17th January at 3pm and hear expert brand strategist Marie Ennis-O’Connor talk community management best practice.

During this free online workshop, you’ll learn:

·         How to find potential customers and advocates (find)

·         How to facilitate community discussions with other members, as well as your company (growing)

·         Best ways to communicate with audience members at different buying stages (nurturing)

·         The metrics we should be using to prove ROI (measurement)