Whilst sadly out of the world cup, England created a huge impact on social media. Check out the infographic below for some quick stats on it’s coming home, #waistcoatwednesday & top players on social!

Data analysed: 4th-11th July 2018

Waistcoat Wednesday: 48,799 conversations

The world cup also had a huge impact on fashion. M&S ran out of waistcoats, after Southgate’s iconic look caused waistcoat sales to rocket! Social media fans also took to social media, to encourage others to wear waistcoats on the day of England’s semi-final.

It’s coming home: 2,380,356 mentions 

Unless you’ve had your head buried under the sand, you won’t have missed the huge surge in ‘it’s coming home’ tweets, memes, Instagram posts and videos.

Where are people using the term ‘it’s coming home’?

  1. UK
  2. USA
  3. India
  4. Greece
  5. Nigeria

Most discussed Manager in the semi-finals:

Gareth Southgate: 727,855 results

Not only did he spark ‘Waistcoat Wednesday’ but also the #garathsouthgatewould trending hashtag. (See some examples below)

He was mentioned more than any of the other semi-finalist managers as you can see below:

Zlatko Dalić –14,817 mentions

Didier Deschamps- 210,934 mentions

Roberto Martínez- 452,176 mentions

Top England Footballers

  1. Harry Kane: 755,752
  2. Jordan Pickford: 544,253
  3. Harry Maguire: 434,978
  4. Raheem Sterling: 373,830
  5. Jesse Lingard: 373,477

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