Meet Focus Ireland

We’re using Meltwater’s report as part of a brand health check. With Meltwater, we can see what we’re doing well, and not so well. This helps me determine where to focus my efforts strategically going forward.

Meet the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

I use Meltwater’s Influencer Contact Database to find journalists who regularly discuss the field of research I’m promoting, and then send them very targeted and personalised pitches.”


We monitor the press to see whether new companies are opening up locally and target them. We also track for keywords around skill shortages and sectors in demand; this type of information is very useful for our Business Development Team when developing relationships.

International Rescue Committee

“Meltwater helps us identify many more mentions in global coverage compared to when we used Google. The archive tagging feature in the media monitoring platform allows us to track our strategic priorities.”

Time to Change

Once we find members using social listening, we celebrate them and form partnerships.