Helping Decision Makers to Navigate the Competitive Landscape

Technology has significantly increased the speed at which opportunities and threats develop within a competitive landscape. In today’s heavily connected ecosystem, the core challenge for decision makers stems from the same place that opportunity does: Big Data.

Every single industry is currently at the centre of a very chaotic conversation, rooted in unstructured data. For decision makers to find their bearings, they require a high-level overview and the ability to zoom in on developing issues. The truth is, decision makers need insights, not data.

Such insights are hiding in the online breadcrumbs companies leave behind every day. We’re talking insights found left from job listings to news and social media posts, to patent filings and more. Connecting the dots between data sources enables decision makers to discover early warning signals. Timing is everything when it comes to predicting what competitors are doing and what trends or changes in the industry might impact their company.


“Here’s a look at how decision makers can connect the dots between data points found in external information to predict a company’s IPO announcement before it happens.”

How can decision makers derive insights from external data that can help them stay one step ahead of the competition?

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We’ve created a 4 Step Guide to Staying Ahead of the Competition which dives into the different sources and the insights you can find by tracking them.

From reading the guide, decision makers can expect to learn:

• How you can be alerted to key insight into your brand, competitors and general competitive landscape
• Using insights from tracking competitor advertising spend
• Spotting industry and location-based trends
• How to understand industry hiring activity

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