Which Christmas ad won on social media in 2018?

It’s November, which means that even if you haven’t got your tinsel up yet, you’ll probably have been bombarded by Christmas ads!

Each year many of us eagerly anticipate John Lewis’ famous Christmas advert- but was it the most popular on social media?

In this blog, we’ve used our social listening platform to analyse some of the most popular adverts this year. Check out the infographic below for some quick stats, or keep reading to find out our analysis of all the biggest ads of 2018!

So, which ad created the most buzz on social media in its first 48 hours of being released?

John Lewis- 146,433 mentions

Iceland – 312,411 mentions

Sainsbury’s – 11,383 mentions

McDonald’s – 8,434 mentions

Heathrow – 1,474 mentions

M&S – 6,296 mentions

So, Iceland was the most discussed on social media- but why? As you may be aware, Icelands ad was actually never aired on TV after it was banned for being too political. This resulted in huge media attention for the ad with over 300,000 social media mentions and nearly 1000 news articles in the 48 hours after it’s release. Trending themes include: palm oil, banned and political.

Kevin the carrot

Some of you may remember Aldi’s Christmas advert in 2017, featuring ‘Kevin the Carrot’. After huge popularity, Aldi brought him back in 2018. Whilst the ad itself didn’t break the internet, with around 5,000 mentions in the 48 hours after it was released, it’s cuddly toy did. On November 22nd, Aldi released soft toy versions of the famous carrot which sold out online and led to massive queues in store! #KevinTheCarrot ended up trending on social media. In the 48 hours after the soft toys were released, Kevin the Carrot was discussed nearly 15,000 times!

Battle of the John Lewis ads – which received the most social media discussion? 

Despite how adorable Moz the Monster was, #EltonJohnChristmas was the winner on social with 34,086 more mentions in the first 24 hours of its release.

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