Q1: How long have you been in your current job position and what led you down this path?

Brenda Wong: It’s been a bit of a roller coaster at the Beans Group! I’ve been here two years and have had five different job titles and worked in three separate areas of the company. I actually started working for the Beans Group as an intern! They offered me a job after two weeks and the rest is, as they say, history. As for my current role as External Communications Manager at Voxburner, I requested to work for the B2B arm of the Beans Group because I wanted to expand my horizons. My brilliant employers were just flexible and accommodating enough to let me spread my wings and fly.

Q2: What’s the best professional advice you have been given?

Brenda Wong: The wisest person I know is definitely my father, who once told me “When it gets tough, remember that this too shall pass.” That advice is two-fold I feel. The hard stuff is only temporary, but the good stuff is too, so experience everything to its fullest and keep on moving.

Q3: What’s top of your bucket list?

Brenda Wong: Currently, I’d love to go to New Orleans. Travelling somewhere new opens your eyes to new ideas and perspectives, and where better to do that than the heady, humid, rich NOLA?

Q4: How do you see the communications industry changing in the next five years?

Brenda Wong: My prediction would be that things are simultaneously going to be more automated and more human. Conversational commerce is going to absolutely explode, and chat bots are going to take over the world. I see some great things happening with ShineText and Meet Cleo, for example – two chatbot apps that highlight how important and effective interactivity is when it comes to dealing with your customers online.

Q5: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Brenda Wong: An archaeologist. To be specific, I wanted to be an Egyptologist after I watched the Mummy one time and decided that becoming Rachel Weisz would be a sound career direction.

Q6: What’s your favourite city and why?

Brenda Wong: What a question. I’m an unabashed concrete jungle-dweller, and have lived in cities all my life. London currently has my heart, but I have a soft spot for Bangkok, where I lived for seven years. There has never been a city more full of contrast and contradiction than South East Asia’s City of Angels.

 Q7: What is your top tip for creating a successful social media strategy?

Brenda Wong: Talk. To. People. When someone tweets at your company, instead of saying just “thank you”, why not ask them a question? Social media is and always will be about facilitating conversation, and as a community/social manager it’s your duty to create buzz and shift perspectives.

(Also, second top tip will always be to optimise your social media images according to the social network’s requirements. Are two tips cheating?)

Q8: Who do you love following on Twitter?

Brenda Wong: Huge, huge fan of Mic.com and their social media strategy. There’s always something to like or retweet!

Q9: What is your favourite publication or blog to read?

Brenda Wong: A while back, I came across a publication called Femsplain. It is a space amplifying the voices of cis/trans women, and gender non-conforming individuals. It really changed my perspective about ‘content’ and how strong, empathetic writing can resonate with readers. It doesn’t always have to be about the buzzwords you use, or how great your SEO is. Tell good stories, and you will be heard – that’s what Femsplain has taught me.

Q10: When are you happiest? 

Brenda Wong: When I’m eating a delicious meal surrounded by the people I love. (Especially when I cook, because of the sheer feeling of accomplishment when someone is enjoying the food you made from scratch!