7 Webinar Marketing Strategy Tips for a Killer Webinar Performance

In this blog we’ll be looking at 7 webinar marketing strategy tips.

But first, why bother with a webinar marketing strategy?

  • Repurpose old content
  • Generate leads – Did you know between 20-40% of webinar attendees become qualified leads? (Readytalk)
  • Showcase your product
  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase engagement & social media followers 

1) Treat Your Webinar Slides Like Print Ads

Your deck is the only thing that people are looking at while you talk.  This shouldn’t be a leave-behind deck; this is a live presentation, and your job is to keep people engaged.  By making sure that your slides are pretty and engaging, and not littered with too much text, you have a much better chance of keeping people with you. Think about just having a few words per slide, and mainly images.

Our recent webinar with Andy Barr from 10 Yetis Digital, is a good example of the kinds of slides that are very simple but engaging. After all, your words should be doing the talking, not your slides.

webinar marketing strategy


2) Have Someone in the Room with You

Performance into a microphone in an empty room is awkward and unnatural.  Rather than trying to come off as personable and engaging to my MacBook Pro, I had my friend sit in the room with me for rehearsals and performance.  Not only does this give you someone to talk to, it also gives you someone for cues – I, for example, have a tendency to talk very fast, and friend was there to give me a hand sign to slow down.  Pick someone you genuinely like, and someone who doesn’t make you feel nervous.

So onto our next webinar marketing strategy.

3) Practice, Practice, Practice

I really can’t stress this enough: a webinar is a performance.  Good performance requires preparation, and that means practice runs.  Don’t expect great notes to get you there or a script. If you’re reading your notes, you’re going to sound like you’re reading. Whilst, there is nothing wrong with having a script or notes, use it as a prompt, otherwise, you’ll sound robotic, or even stumble on your words.

4) Stand Up

This may sound strange, but I find it incredibly helpful to stand while I present a webinar.  You most likely wouldn’t be sitting in a chair if you were presenting in front of a room of people, so don’t do it just because that room full of people is remote.  Your energy will be better and you’ll sound more natural if you’re standing.

Webinar marketing strategy tip: I used a podium for my laptop and used Scotch Tape to keep it there.  Yes, I am very high-tech that way.

5) Use video

Our attentiveness rate spiked up into the 75% range when I mentioned that we were about to watch a video, and through the video itself.  Keep the video about a minute or under if you can. (Just make sure you know how to do this within your webinar software before, otherwise, you might have some technical issues)

6) Test Your Technology

There are different webinar services out there, and all of them have something in common: things can go awry, both from a technology standpoint and from a user error standpoint.  That being the case, it’s best to eliminate the second problem by having a go at the software well before you’re using it live.

Have someone tune in for the first 5 minutes to check that they can hear you, and see your slides.

7) Smile

You’d smile for the camera, so don’t forget to smile for the audio.  Yes, you really can tell – you’ll sound friendlier and more relaxed, and you’ll probably feel more relaxed too.  It’s easier to smile when you have someone in the room with you who you actually like, too, so when you’re tackling #2, just be sure to choose wisely.

Hopefully these will get you started with your webinar marketing strategy! See you next time.

This blog was edited 15th Aug 2018 by Hannah Williams