A serious mistake like this can quickly turn into a content writing sin. Read below to know how to avoid them!

Great content is key to growth of online business. A popular topic can attract more attention, get shared, and, ultimately increase the number of website visitors. To achieve all these goals, however, one needs to avoid committing some serious mistakes, such as focusing the content on the product rather than potential customers.

  1. Failing to proofread

A certain amount of effort needs to be dedicated if one wishes to become a professional. Content writing is not an exception. Every element in content needs to be edited and proofread, including title, structure, grammar, and so on.

Don’t be lazy because even a small mistake can lead to a failure. For example, a badly thought out title can make an article fall on fewer eyes. Grammar and punctuation mistakes will make you look like an amateur. We don’t want that, so check your content thoroughly before publishing.

  1. Thinking that readers love you

I’m sorry to say this but your readers don’t care (even a little bit) about what your writing. That’s the truth. They find content, read it, and move on. Thinking that they will come back to your site every time because you have such a great content on your blog would be fatal to your business, says Mark Green, a content marketing strategist from BestEssayTips.

Give them bite-size chunks of information and attract their attention by including helpful tips and hacks. Brands usually identify interesting and relevant topics through social media monitoring because it allows them to find online conversations that matter most to their audience, ensuring the message resonates. The results of social media monitoring include topic analysis, sentiment analysis, and categorisation – exactly what you need! Insights help to write texts that will make your visitors fall in love with your content.

  1. Not using the power of social media to promote your blog

Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are common places for millions of people to hang out. If you ignore the benefits such platforms offer, you might be losing numberless clients, readers, and, of course, profits.

To widen your circle of readers, add social media buttons that allow readers to share posts easily. Do it right now if you want a better exposure. Social media monitoring will help to measure the performance and ROI of content afterwards.

  1. Focusing on yourself instead of ideas

This mistake is often committed by bloggers. Many rookies in this business try to write about themselves, which is a huge mistake. People visit their blogs for information or entertainment but personal diary is not going to provide them with either.

That’s why it’s important to choose the right focus for a blog, writes Melyssa Griffin, an experienced blogger from melyssagriffin.com. According to her, the key is to find a niche and write for the audience. One way to achieve this is to use social media monitoring to identify the hot trending topics discussed in social media. Being hot on the heels of trends is a great way to be seen as a thought leader and will help your content stand out, therefore increasing the chance of more people finding your articles useful and become returning visitors.

  1. Writing long paragraphs

Don’t expect that your reader will scroll down your long paragraphs until they find what they need. This structure is a perfect one if you want the visitors to lose the interest and leave quickly. Remember, the outcome of a web search should be useful information, so people don’t want to spend an entire day reading rambling paragraphs.

Writing short paragraphs allows the reader to maintain interest because the text is presented in “bite-sized” dozes. Subheadings, bullet points, numbered lists and other tricks are great for improving readability further.

  1. Failing to focus on headlines

The headline is your one chance to reach viewers who have thousands of other things on their minds. That’s why content writers are constantly trying to produce attention grabbing headlines that often include various elements.

Every writer needs to learn headline psychology to be able to attract the attention of viewers. According to Huffington Post, the most effective tools in the area of content writing science are negatives, questions, surprises, audience references, and how-to.

  1. Being envious of other writers

Failing to grow your own ideas and becoming a plagiariser or an idea vampire is a big problem in the content writing business. There are always some new topics and new angles to approach known ones, explore them!  Forget about looking for ideas to steal. Envying good writers is not a great idea but becoming one certainly is!