7 Popular Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked

Social media has become the most influential marketing tool in the last decade. With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, social networks have the power to reach global audiences almost instantly.

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However, despite this, many brands are failing to utilise social media to its full potential. Often social media is a side project, rather than a fully integrated marketing strategy.

Many of us also have a lot of preconceived ideas about social media (which aren’t necessarily true). That’s why we are going to explain 6 social media marketing myths that need to be debunked right now.

6 Social Media Marketing Myths That You Thought Were True

  • Marketing Myth #1: You need to utilise all networks

A vast majority of marketers believe that a comprehensive marketing campaign is impossible if they don’t spread it through all social media channels. They couldn’t be more wrong. The social networks that you choose are dependent on where your target group are, budget, and campaigns. Often, particularly if we’re limited on money and time, it’s better to focus our efforts on one or two platforms. Otherwise, we run the risk of not personalising our content to fit on each platform. For example, video is extremely popular on Facebook, but not so popular on Instagram.

But the bottom line is – if your target group is not using Pinterest, why would you waste your time on this network? Use a media monitoring tool such as Meltwater to understand conversation spread by channel.

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  • Marketing Myth #2: Social media marketing can do it all

Some may argue that social media is the most important branch of marketing today. However, nobody said that it’s the only channel of communication which you ought to use to boost your campaign. On the contrary, it will only fulfil its biggest potential in coordination with other elements, such as branding, influencer marketing, or SEO. Therefore, you should invest most of your efforts in social media marketing but save a decent portion for other features as well.

  • Marketing Myth #3: My customers are not online

It’s a myth commonly accepted by the business owners and company decision makers who usually believe that their consumers cannot be found online. B2B brands in particular often think that social media is redundant in their industry. However, more than 2 billion people who use Facebook prove otherwise. Adding to this stat, there’ are more than 320 million users of Twitter and hundreds of millions of people who prefer other networks. It’s foolish to believe that your audience is not using digital media.

If you’re a B2B brand, check out our blog on B2B social media for some top tips and inspiration!

  • Marketing Myth #4: I have nothing to post about 

Another social media myth is that boring industries or B2B brands won’t have anything to discuss on social media. However, this isn’t the case. Only 2 in 10 social media posts should be about your product. The rest of the time, you can post content related to your industry. Offer opinions and advice to your audience. Think less about selling your product, and instead about providing your audience with something valuable.

Look at who your audience is, and what problem you’re trying to solve for them with your product. You can then start posting content around this. Look at what your competitors are posting for inspiration.

  • Marketing Myth #5: I need to hashtag everything

We know that hashtags are an essence of a handful of social networks and it is reasonable to think that the larger number of hashtags will bring you more reach and influence. But this is only a myth. Studies revealed that the tweets with 3 hashtags proved to be the most popular. It’s a matter of quality, not quantity.

  • Marketing Myth #6: Social networks offer free marketing

A lot of people believe that social media marketing is completely free of charge. In theory, this is the truth, but not in reality. Social media algorithms are making it increasingly difficult for brand content to be seen, forcing companies to enter a “pay to play” zone. That’s exactly why social media ads spend are expected to surpass $19 billion in 2017. Whilst you may not be putting your hand in your pocket to pay for sponsored or boosted content, social media management takes a lot of time and resources, which also takes from our piggy bank.

  • Marketing Myth #7: Social media marketing is not delivering results

Some marketers aren’t quite sure how to calculate social media ROI, which is the basic cause of the myth that using social media as a marketing tool doesn’t deliver concrete results. However, more than 70% of marketers who do know how to calculate ROI say that their marketing strategies are bringing them substantial benefits. A social media marketing tool is your best friend when understanding the success of campaigns and messaging.

About the author:

Karen Dikson is a marketing expert and passionate blogger from New Jersey. She is an intuitive and creative thinker who is able to connect various thoughts into a single theme. Karen loves to stay up to date on the latest digital trends. Her works have been published on HuffPost and other well-known resources. You can find Karen on Twitter.