5 Tips to Improve Blog Readership

When writing a blog, as good as we think the content is, sometimes there is a tendency of setting the bar a little too high in terms of our expectations. Indeed, when we press the submit button, we’re hoping our hot content breaks the Internet, praying for an astonishing amount of engagement that keeps our phone pinging all night. But the reality is often more … mediocre. We’re not saying that the following 5 tips will grant your wish of instant web stardom, but they can certainly help improve blog readership and engagement!

Share More Than Once

It’s important (and necessary) to share blogs across all social channels we’re active on, so we can reach as many audiences as possible and increase blog readership. On a platform like Facebook, it won’t be necessary to share the link hundreds of times since the algorithm tends to highlight posts that generate engagement. Everything moves a lot faster on Twitter and posts can become buried under the copious amount of tweets documenting what people are doing on the hour, every hour. That’s why on Twitter, it doesn’t hurt to share the post several times in the week in order to cut through such noise so that more of our community have a chance to see it.

Build Relationships with Influencers

“All for one and one for all.” On social media, this formula makes sense. Blog readership can easily grow by working as a team. Building relationships with influencers who will share your content and amplify your message can be extremely useful in terms of reach and awareness.

Work the SEO

SEO is the universal language of the web. If we refuse to learn to speak it, the search engines will ignore our website and our content, having very damaging effects on our blog readership. Read our previous blog post here to better understand and use SEO.

Use Share Buttons

The share buttons on a website are like salt on chips, inseparable. Be sure yours include the link and the full name of the blog post; if all you include is the URL, no one will click on it. Share buttons will encourage more sharing from readers and thus increase blog readership.

Recycle Content

You believe in your content. Why else would we be reading this post and questioning why readership and engagement don’t live up to the thought you’ve put into your articles? How about repackaging them as white papers, podcasts, and/or webinars? You’ll get the chance to share your expertise, raise awareness (which will lead to an increase in blog readership), and boost lead generation efforts.