In this blog we caught up with Jeff Bullas, a huge digital marketing influencer!
#1 Congratulations on being named global Digital Marketing Influencer ! How long have you been involved in the digital space, and what led you down this path?
Jeff Bullas: I have been involved with digital for over 30 years. My career started as a teacher but realised early that it wasn’t where I wanted to spend the rest of my career…or life. So I made a pivot into digital and never left. Love the constant change. The social web just added the humanity to the tech and that lead to starting the blog.
#2 As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Jeff Bullas: First a doctor and discovered I didn’t like the sight of blood. So that went out the window. Then an accountant and found that attention to detail and pouring over spreadsheets was boring.

#3 How do you see the communications industry changing in the next five years?
Jeff Bullas: I think that there a couple of major technologies that will start to make their presence felt. Virtual and Augmented reality…this will change how we interact with the world. Pokemon Go is an insight into how powerful this engagement can be. 
The other… Artificial Intelligence. The amount of data and increasing complexity of the digital world will require human augmentation. It will become an extension of who we are as humans. Many are frightened by the uncertainty of this. I am excited as it will help remove the mundane and free us up to be more creative and more human. We will be able to escape the industrialization of human labour.
#4 What is your top tip for creating a successful digital marketing strategy?
Jeff Bullas: I think that brands have been all consumed with just looking at web traffic and vanity metrics such as impressions, engagement and sharing. Many forget the last and final step which is converting that into a real ROI. Leads and sales. That last piece of a digital marketing strategy is vital.  My top tip? Focus on conversion.
#5 What was your favourite project to work on and why?
Jeff Bullas: My favourite and ongoing project at the moment is implementing and optimising a digital marketing automation platform. The reason I am excited is that it allows me to scale my marketing with less effort but with more insights as we capture data and analyse what works and what doesn’t.
It also has allowed me to have more time to create and write which is a passion of mine.
#6 A whopping 481,000 people follow you on Twitter! Who do you love following on Twitter and why?
Jeff Bullas: I follow people that have similar interests and passions. That means I can get feedback and data on what they like and what they don’t as I share my content.

#7 When are you happiest?
Jeff Bullas: That happens when I am discovering a new road and scenery on my road bike. Sharing that experience with friends at the same time provides a natural social and endorphin high.

#8 What keeps you awake at night?
Jeff Bullas: That would be the fear of having my site go down and never to be recovered. It is my creative portal with the world.

#9 What’s the one gadget you can’t live without?

Jeff Bullas: There are two! My iPhone is the one gadget that keeps me in touch with the world no matter where I am. It also allows me to capture and share my experiences in a visual medium as I travel and socialise. The other is my MacBook Pro. It is my writing and publishing machine.
#10 You have been given an endless list of influencer titles, but what’s your overall biggest achievement in your career?
Jeff Bullas; Having the courage to start writing and put my creation and opinions out there on my blog 7 years ago. Being willing to get it wrong and be vulnerable.