10 Questions With Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement for ‎Loughborough University

In this ’10 questions with’ post, Meltwater had a chat with Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement at ‎Loughborough University. Here’s a little insight into the goings on in Emma’s mind and how us PR, Comms and Marketing professionals can leverage some of Emma’s past experiences and advice in our daily work life.

Q1. How long have you been Director of Marketing and Advancement at ‎Loughborough University and what led you down this path?

Three and a half years, but I’ve worked in HE since 1997 and for nine years before that in fashion and consumer PR, a local authority and tourism. I love education and wouldn’t do anything else now.

Q2. What inspires you creatively?

People, emotions, insight and great imagery. Ideas pop up all the time. The key is to capture them and let them evolve subconsciously.

Q3: What do you wish somebody told you when you were 16?

Believe in yourself, because I do.

Q4: How do you see marketing in the higher education space changing in the next five years?

Faster, more agile, digital, and more competitive.

Q5: What’s your favourite city and why?

Seville – sunshine, architecture, great memories.

Q6: What is your top tip for creating a successful social media strategy?

Use head and heart – data and emotional triggers – be meticulous but nimble with your content planning and clear about your objectives.

Q7: What is your favourite part of your job?

Being able to solve problems creatively and seeing the team deliver great results.

Q8: What metrics do you use to measure social media ROI?

We track everything but focus on project relevance, whether it’s recruitment, media/social coverage, brand or engagement. For us it’s all about impact and transparent delivery to target and budget.

Q9: What was your favourite project to work on and why?

Probably our Golden Ticket clearing campaign. A very simple idea with massive impact that delivered amazing ROI and won us an awful lot of prizes. Above all it was fun!

Q10: What is your favourite publication or blog to read?

I like CIPR’s Influence Magazine – it’s fresh, current, topical and brilliantly put together. I read all sorts of things across a range of topics and tend to go wherever the mood takes me.