Every once in a while, our homes need redecorating. Trends come and go, and the avocado bath that was once totally in fashion has become a no no. The same is true with our Facebook page. It’s wise to give that a little spruce every now and then too. You’d be surprised with the results a quick 10-minute makeover can do to improve Facebook page performance! Follow the below steps and optimise Facebook ROI.

Complete the “about” section

An incomplete “about” section gives the impression that our page isn’t legit – or professional for that matter. The type of information provided in the about section varies from business to business. More often than not companies use this section to drive website traffic and direct their audience to their website to learn more about the company. It’s also good practice to include text around what the audience can expect by liking your Facebook page.

Bonus tip to increase Facebook page performance: Use a link shortener such as Bitly with unwieldy URLs so you can fit more text in.

Update your cover image

Us humans are visual beings. I mean you just need to Google the ‘oddly satisfying video’ trend to see that in action!

Image result for oddly satisfying videos

Be sure to feature an engaging cover image to boost Facebook page performance. Your cover photo is the first thing your audience sees when they land on your page. You have around 3 second to capture their attention with an image and make it as easy as possible for visitors to figure out who you are and what we do.

Bonus tip to increase Facebook page performance: Use an image that clearly relates to the product or service being offered and ensure that the image is the correct size.

Post at the right time

When is the best time to post on social media? The question that everyone wants the answer to! We don’t blame them, timing is key to successful Facebook page performance. However, unsurprisingly, the answer isn’t as simple as Sunday 6 pm (despite what people may think!).

The best time to post on social media will depend on when your audience is online, and when your audience use specific social networks. You can find this information using insights mined via a social media monitoring tool such as Meltwater. If you don’t have access to a social media monitoring tool, use the below timings as a rough guide for Facebook.

Optimise facebook page performance by publishing at the optimum time

Bonus tip to increase Facebook page performance: Include a call to action within every post to spur engagement, for example, ask the audience a question – “Do you agree? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section”

Share the love (or at least the like)

Liking other relevant companies Facebook pages is a simple way to increase Facebook page performance, yet it’s often overlooked. Targeted engagement will help increase your brand reach and expand your social community as other users discover your page through your comments.

By liking other Pages you will also see what other brands your audience are interested in are posting.

Bonus tip to increase Facebook page performance: The key is to make sure that the other company’s Facebook pages that you like have relevance to your companies key messages and the discussions your brand want to be a part of. This will ensure alignment in the audience.

Add milestones to improve Facebook page performance

Facebook is the perfect medium for brand storytelling. It’s a great outlet for highlighting turning points in your history and a way of connecting with the audience emotionally. We’d recommend recording key milestones using images. Examples include product launches, snapshots of your humble beginnings, and individual employee achievements.

Use Likealyzer (it’ free!)

Tools such as likealyzer.com can provide us with a Facebook page performance health check, while offering advice on actionable improvements – for free!

Likealyzer, was created by Meltwater to help companies optimise their professional Facebook pages and strategy. More than 100,000 people worldwide currently use Likealyzer every week to take their Facebook to new heights. What’s more, the tool uses AI to offer customised recommendations to help boost your Facebook presence based on the results!

Here’s how to begin using the tool…

#1 First, use the search box to select the Facebook page you want to analyse.

Try Likealyzer, the free Facebook Tool - Optimise your Facebook page performance today!

#2 Woohoo, no more number crunching needed! Now you can uncover important insights relevant to your Facebook strategy in the blink of an eye, simply by popping in the page you want to analyse.

We’ve used Coca-Cola as an example. Here you can see they’re “doing alright, but there’s room for improvement.” Suggested tweaks to their strategy to help improve Facebook ROI include quicker response times, post frequency, engagement with other Facebook pages and edits to the length of posts.

Likealyzer, the free Facebook Tool gives you insights to optimise your facebook strategy  Optimise your Facebook page performance today!

#3 Uses insights to benchmark your own Facebook page success over time, or your competitor’s. Implement tweaks to your Facebook strategy based on the lessons learned.

Screenshot Likealyzer Facebook Tool Insights -  Optimise your Facebook page performance today!

#4 Get into a “start, stop, continue” mindset by checking out the areas where your Facebook page still needs improvement and where you’re already doing a really good job.