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Future Focus - The Evolution of Social & PR

Date: Wednesday, 18 September
Venue: Crowne Plaza Hotel (Beach)
Address: HaYarkon St 145, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Location: Tel Aviv
Time: 10:00 - 13:00
Cost: Free

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Public relations has existed for a hundred years - validating the idea that reputation and relationships matter in business.

As PR and Marketing professionals, we’ve typically been the custodians, protectors and innovators when it comes to connecting with people, managing perceptions and finding new ways to tell old stories. Now, with the rise of technology and the rapid shift in consumer behaviour, there’s a complex landscape to navigate, and with it - new opportunities to take advantage of.

In the past, a solid grounding in PR was sufficient to help raise brand awareness, prevent and manage a crisis, get ahead of competition and reach out to the right audiences. But today, social media is a key part of how we do this on a daily basis.

These two previously distinct areas are increasingly overlapping, and it’s important to define what a best-practice approach looks like, as we head into 2020, and beyond.

Make sure you’re ready for what’s to come

Join us at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Tel Aviv, on the 18th of September, as we connect you with the experts, to offer you the tools you need to consolidate your PR and social media strategies.


- Maayan Nave: Global CEO, NYGC

- Caro Solari: VP Marcom,

- Manu Cohen: Marketing & Social Lead, Here Mobility

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