Audience Insights Reports

Understanding communities that are driving the social media conversations around topics you care about is challenging and time-consuming. Meltwater’s Audience Insights offer an in-depth and interactive audience profiling solution.


See where you rank

Media exposure, reach, and tonality factor into your mSCORE, tangible evidence of your media progress.


Compare share of voice

See how you stack up against your competition, with share of voice measured by volume and reach.


Share the high-impact stories

We give you the articles with links and tell you whether they’re trending negative or positive.

Discover relevant communities

With full access to the Twitter firehose and data enriched by IBM Watson, you can take a deep dive into your different
community segments
. Truly understand what resonates with your audience by discovering their demographics and consumer habits, as well as the individuals and media outlets that are influential over each group.

Identify influencers

Influencer marketing is a fantastic way of having your brands story told by a verified third party who is influential among your target audience. The platform offers a large amount of filtering options to help you identify the most prominent individuals and brands relevant to your chosen segment. This enables you to truly dig into your audience and identify potential supporters and partnership opportunities.

Evaluate media affinity

The platform allows you to evaluate the media affinity and will provide you a detailed list of any media sources, such as tv shows, magazines, etc. that your audience or segment follows. Optimize engagement with your audience by targeting advertisements to the channels or events they are passionate about.

Analyze demographic changes

Dig into demographics with a detailed itemization of each of the dominant traits which make up your chosen segment using data provided by Twitter. These will range from gender, location, age and even consistent words within individuals bios. Look out for changes in interests, personality characteristics, online habits and buying mindset.

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