Meltwaters API (Application Programming Interface)

Meltwater’s API allows customers to automatically stream Meltwater search results into the application or server of their choice.  


Analysing vast data types

Decision makers can only truly get a 360-degree view of their projects and cases by feeding both external and internal insights into in their business intelligence solution. Layering both types of data helps you to connect the dots and find correlations between the sources.


Automated Reporting

APIs take the manual work out of reporting. Insights can be used to build powerful graphs for reports. What’s more, results are delivered as JSON and include metadata. Data is enriched through our pipeline and additional information is added to the data including sentiment, language, reach and key messages.


Collaboration & Communication

APIs are the perfect means for facilitating internal comms and collaboration. Track competitors, prospects and your industry through Meltwater, and then feed this into Slack to keep entire teams in the loop around industry developments. Access all company information in one place.

Tailored Solutions

Our API can connect with just about every business intelligence platform, but some examples include Domino, Domo, Qliksense, and Tableau. Meltwater’s API offering is not an “off the shelf” product since every client’s use case is different. We tailor the solution to individual needs. If you’re interested in learning more about how Meltwater API can help with yours, connect with me on LinkedIn and send me a message!

The main benefit of the API being, that you can layer structured internal data with unstructured external data, helping you find data correlations.