PR Attribution: The new generation of PR ROI measurement

Tired of not being able to attribute the value of earned media to revenue? We feel your struggle. That's why at Meltwater we've been investing in innovative technologies to help advance PR ROI measurement. With our new ‘PR Attribution solution, finally, you can gain insight into the coverage that’s driving traffic to your website and converting to revenue! Impress your boss with earned website visit data today. Next time your boss asks you to prove PR ROI, you can speak in monetary terms.


No need for domain backlinks!

Easily measure the revenue generated from PR. PR Attribution calculates unique aggregated visitors that read your earned media and then visit your website, whether or not a link was included.


Enrich PR ROI analysis further

Determine the characteristics of earned media that are leading to visists to your domain by combining traffic insights with Meltwater's existing metadata such as reach, sentiment, location, key phrases etc


Superior intelligence

Meltwater tracks the largest global source base of attributable content, what's more, PR Attribution is easy to implement, all that's needed is a simple JavaScript to ensure website compatibility and you're good to go!

Introducing PR Attribution

Prove your PR Impacted Sales

“How did your PR efforts impact sales?” Traditionally, this loaded question was guaranteed to make a PR pro see red. They knew their PR campaign had an impact on the bottom line, but due PR ROI measurement restrictions, sales weren’t credited to them.

For years PR lagged behind their counterparts in digital marketing when it came to measurement. While marketers can provide granular details of their campaigns (impressions, opens, clicks, conversions, comparisons, etc), PRs could typically do no better than report the number of media mentions or present notoriously inaccurate metrics like AVE and Total Potential Reach. Thankfully, this is a thing of the past since we now have the ability to track 'earned media visitors', ie, anonymous web visitors that first visit an article and then visit any page on your domain within 7 days after that.

Quantifying PR ROI in Monetary Terms

Web Analytics tools like Google Analytics partially solved the age-old PR attribution problem by showing web traffic referred by earned media articles. However, they don't help solve the visibility challenge for articles that don't contain a backlink to your domain, despite the fact the content may have still influenced a website visit. Such limitations to this method couldn’t be ignored. Firstly, the majority of publishers and journalists rarely allow links in their articles. This made the PR ROI reporting method less valuable as links were needed to measure traffic from earned media. Secondly, even if you managed to persuade the journalist to include a link, a reader may not click it and instead go directly to the website or through a search engine later that day.

At Meltwater we understand the customer journey is getting lengthier and more complicated. We’re seeing a rise in the number of brand touchpoints needed to push audiences down the funnel in order to convert them through sales. To plug this visibility gap, our new solution, PR Attribution, allows PR pros to identify referred web traffic of a press hit, even if there’s no link or link clicks involved!

new generation of PR ROI meausrement with PR attribution

Beyond Backlinks - How it Works

We’re able to identify referred web traffic from press hits that do not include backlinks to your website by partnering with news publishers’ who have tracking functionalities embedded on their sites. We then use media intelligence to track and match their data to your website data. Next, this information is enriched and combined with Meltwater's existing metadata, such as those listed below. These additional insights can be used to determine the characteristics of the earned media that are leading to visits to your domain so you can prioritise outreach efforts such as publication or journalists.

  • Source
  • Reach
  • Sentiment
  • Location
  • Key Phrases etc

The new PR Attribution tool is well received among our clients who are using it to help prove PR ROI and justify their requests for additional budget. Tracking PR efforts to sales conversions and having tangible results to take to directors is a simple solution that can help open up bigger projects. Another prominent trend we’re seeing is the closer integration of PR and Marketing departments. In light of this, companies are using PR Attribution insights to inform their ad spend - specifically, in which publications to purchase paid advertising.

Demonstrating the value earned media articles bring to your organisation has never been easier. If you’re tired of emphasis always being placed on Sales, Advertising and other departments who can easily showcase their ROI to the business, PR Attribution is worth exploring.

Meltwater has superior access to the largest global source base of attributable content, which means we have your blind spots covered. The solution is easy to put in place and partners will receive dedicated solutions engineering and product/ clients support to drive implementation.

Looking for a solution?

Investing in the right tools

Why Meltwater?

Meltwater continues to invest in delivering a wide breadth of content to more than 30,000 brands worldwide. We're doing this by growing the World’s largest news and social media database. Our industry-leading AI-powered crawlers, and a network of global partnerships with content providers such as Twitter, Reddit and Dow Jones, help us capture more content than anyone else. More content means more reliable analytics that help you find the insights you need. We utilize artificial intelligence to discover content from all corners of the internet, pulling our results from over 1.3 trillion documents. What's more, we add over 500 million new documents every day! While this all sounds very tiring, from a client perspective, it's a smooth ride! We do the work for you.

We understand that the modern user expects simple and elegant consumer applications. That’s why our PR solution prioritizes simplicity and efficiency with a sleek new intuitive navigation and design that has streamlined user experience at the core. Fill out the form to learn how you can transform every stage of your PR strategy and workflow with our PR solution today!


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