Singapore's Largest Supermarket Retailer

NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd.

NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd is Singapore's largest retailer comprising FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Xpress and Cheers. NTUC FairPrice relies on Meltwater for critical keyword searches across multiple brands.

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The Challenge

Listen and Respond in Real-Time

NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd (NTUC Fairprice) manages multiple brands and it has always been a challenge for them to synthesize large volumes of data in mainstream media and social communities, and to make sense of them. Prior to Meltwater, hours were spent manually searching for articles online and in print publications, identifying sentiment and sorting them for analysis. Subscribing to Meltwater has not only helped to reduce a signicant amount of time the team spends on monitoring news and social media chatter, with engagement tools, NTUC Fairprice is also able to make informed judgements and react quickly to customers’ questions and comments.

I use the dashboard to click on widgets and copy and download graphs showing our results. I then send them to executives in a report after each race. It’s all very intuitive.

Winston Ng
Winston Ng Corporate Communications Manager of NTUC

The Solution

Gather Insights for Multiple Brands and Departments

Monitoring social conversations across various channels allow NTUC Fairprice to hear direct feedback and validate the strategy implemented for each campaign, tailoring the changes to suit their requirements. Ad-hoc searches ensure that all coverage on latest trend topics are captured, allowing the team to quickly assess and respond to worthwhile media opportunities in real time. Articles are categorised and easily exported from Meltwater dashboard for each relevant department's analysis and understanding. As a result, the respective team is able to make informed and actionable decisions, which forms the feedback loop in their day-to-day operations.

Meltwater has been an essential tool for us to manage the social media chatter. Through it, we have been able to get a consolidated view of the conversations and respond timely.

Poh Yu Seung
Poh Yu Seung Content and Digital Marketing Manager of NTUC

Meltwater Enables NTUC to


Monitor Multiple brands across multiple channels


Schedule & Manage communications effectively


Report actionable insights to departments

Meltwater Helps NTUC

  • 1

    Customize searches for different departments

    “We have different departments and stakeholders who are using the same Meltwater platform. However, all of us would like to track different keywords and have different reports. The flexibility of Meltwater platform allows us to customize and tailor these for different stakeholders and have the reports emailed to them.” Winston Ng, Corporate Communications Manager

  • 2

    Measure, analyze, and report on insights instantaneously

    “Results of searches are of live conversations and this allow us enough time to react quickly to customers when there is a need to. This is important for us as we customer service and response time is crucial for NTUC fairprice.” Winston Ng, Corporate Communications Manager

  • 3

    Easily access and modify its platform to meet specific needs

    “With the amount of workload we have to manage multiple brands, we need a solution platform that is easy to use and we are happy that Meltwater is designed to suit our needs. The client success managers at Meltwater are also always available to help us to build the searches and dashboards.” Winston Ng, Corporate Communications Manager

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